May 28, 2020 was officially the Last Day of Student Classes for Loveland City School District

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (May 29, 2020) – There was no final bell followed by kids streaming out of Loveland City School District school buildings. No, coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine hushed the traditional scenes of celebration as the school year came quietly to a close in Loveland, Ohio, and all around the state and our nation. 

Loveland School Calendar shows Last Day of School for Students (Chuck Gibson) 

Summer vacation officially starts today, Friday, May 29, 2020 for the students of Loveland Schools. While the classrooms have sat empty since the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools in March, distance learning was done by remote online teaching. No doubt smiles still lit up the faces of students throughout the district as they signed off their computer signaling the end of a most historic and memorable school year. There may have been some tears too. It is a bittersweet day for teachers and the students they have developed relationships with throughout the school year. Teachers all around have expressed a certain sadness in not being able to have those final end-of-year moments with the kids this year. We can only imagine the students feel the same bittersweet emotions. No one knows what the next school year will look like. Everyone hopes to see each other in the classrooms in the upcoming new school year. For now, school’s out for summer! It is time for summer fun!