More public input meetings among variety of plans for discussion by the Loveland School Board

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (November 5, 2020) – The Loveland City School District (LCSD) Board of Education is scheduled to meet in their regular monthly work session at 6 p.m. today. Though work sessions are normally held first Tuesday of the month, this session was set for Thursday, November 5, to avoid conflict with Election Day Tuesday, November 3.

Kevin Dougherty, LCSD BOE member (Provided)

Aside from the usual opening item of adoption of board agenda, two topics of discussion are listed on the board agenda for tonight. The key topic for discussion is the potential to schedule more BOE public input sessions. It is a topic of discussion brought forward by new board member Kevin Dougherty. Additional meetings for public input are potentially one part of an evolving plan for open communications between the school administration and the community.  

The school board will also hear the superintendent’s report during the work session this evening. Among other things, it is sure to address the school plans to proceed through this pandemic year. School board members expect to hear the latest reports regarding growing number of COVID cases among students.

Dr. Kathryn Lorenz, President, Board of Education, Loveland City School District (FILE)

In light of the personal statement released earlier this week by School Board President, Dr. Kathryn Lorenz in response to continued public criticism of Loveland Schools administration; including the superintendent and treasurer along with members of the school board, it is not a reach to speculate members of the board will discuss making a joint board statement regarding the issue. It is worth noting here, the statement from Kathryn Lorenz, published here on Loveland Beacon earlier this week, was her personal statement and not a statement as a member of the school board. Any statement made by the school board jointly will be made publicly.

The school board is scheduled to go into executive session during the meeting tonight.

LCSD Board of Education in a recent Zoom Meeting. (Chuck Gibson)

The purpose is to review negotiations with public employees concerning compensation or other terms and conditions of their employment, and for the purpose of considering the employment of a public employee. While no specific employee or employees are named, and no school official has confirmed the possibility, the board may be discussing the annual review and evaluation of the superintendent and treasurer.  

The work session can be viewed live on the zoom meeting link found on the Board of Education page of the Loveland Schools website.

LCSD Board of Education Work Session meeting

Thursday, November 05, 2020 @ 6:30 p.m