Schmidt statement addresses the promise to send 185 Ohio National Guard troops to Texas border later 1in 2021

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (July 6, 2021) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has promised to send 185 Ohio National Guardsmen to aid in security of the southern border of Texas later in 2021. He also agreed to send 14 Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers to Texas to help with border surveillance at the request of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. 

Jean Schmidt, State Representative, (R- Loveland) (File Photo)

State Representative Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland) today issued the following statement on Governor DeWine’s announcement regarding the Ohio State Highway Patrol:

“I commend the Governor providing assistance to Texas and the southern border by sending Ohio National Guard troops. The safety and the security of our nation is at risk.

“I’m concerned that criminals and thugs are crossing the border and will make their way to Ohio. We currently have illegal aliens already devastating communities at the border, and it is our duty as legislators to do what we can to help stop this issue.

“We must stand together to keep our border secure and our country safe.”

Governor Mike DeWine agreed to send 14 OSP troopers to Texas border (File Photo)