By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (June 5, 2024) – In this edition of Fun with Maps we look back to some dark moments in our U.S. history during the 1960’s.

Et tu

Within five years two high profile politically minded brothers are murdered in the US. 

The second was shot and killed in Los Angeles by a Palestinian immigrant, while the killer of the first was an ex-Marine who stayed in the Soviet Union for a period wanting to become a citizen there.  The geography mentioned doesn’t matter a lot, but it is interesting that Democrat brothers were killed by presumably generally left-leaning folks…

The second brother served on the right-wing McCarthy commission ferreting out Communists, then also served on the Senate Committee investigating rampant labor union racketeering, and finally become US Attorney General with virtually no hands-on legal experience, which was heavily criticized by the media, especially the New York Times.

All that occurred mostly in the 1960s.

Yes, we are talking about the Kennedys, with Bobby shot on June 5, 1968, in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles after a campaign speech seeking the presidential nomination.

This map shows Los Angeles in another era – its population density in 1953 per zip code.  Aside from the very central portion it looks much like US suburbs today, like Loveland, in population density.  How times change.

Map of Los Angeles 1953 (Credit Steve Kovacs)

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