A Day in my life of Pills

By Susan F. Adams

LOVELAND, OH (January 10, 2024) – She’s back! Our featured poetess Susan F. Adams returns for the New Year with a poem to which so many can relate.

Fresh fruit and exercise or pills? That’s the question. (Image provided by Susan F. Adams)

Susan shared the following story about today’s feature poem: A Day In My Life of Pills

Here’s her story:

When I had my triple-bypass surgery many years ago, I was not on a cholesterol pill due to allergies. Diet and cardiac exercise was not enough. My right coronary graft plugged two different times requiring a stent X 2. My left anterior descending graft also plugged X1 (The Widow-maker). After that, two cholesterol pills I could tolerate were prescribed for me. I’ve had no more trouble.  – Susan F. Adams


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