By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (June 17, 2020) – In Issue 8 of Steve Kovacs: Fun with Maps feature, we learn the founder of Pennsylvania was a writer who had a way with words . . . of many languages.

Steve Kovacs, Antique Map Collector, Loveland Resident (Provided) 

The City of Brotherly Love was founded by William Penn 338 Years Ago. 

William Penn, a Londoner originally, founded the Province of Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia as its seat. 

He was a well-educated writer, and he used his knowledge of classical languages in naming both the future state and city.  Pennsylvania loosely means Penn’s Woods (sylvania is Latin for forest land) while Philadelphia means brotherly love in ancient Greek.  

Philadelphia gave us many firsts: first US capital, first library, first hospital, first zoo, to name a few.  This map of the city is by Mitchell and was published on the 100th birthday of the US.   

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 Map of Philadelphia – City of Brotherly Love – 1876 (Credit Steve Kovacs)