Today’s edition of ‘Poet’s Corner’

By Susan F. Adams

LOVELAND, OH (November 29, 2023) – We welcome back our featured poet Susan F. Adams after a brief absence while she fought-off and recovered from this crummy cold that’s been out of control.   

Chris DeLois adjusting the trunk full of daylilies so she can close the hatch. (Courtesy Susan Adams)

Susan shared the following story about today’s feature poem: Out of Control

 Here’s the story:

“In the summertime’s past, Chris DeLois, my sister Judy and I would spend the day at a daylily hybridizer’s farm. It might be in Columbus, Dayton, or Kentucky. At the end of the day on the daylily farm, we’d return with a car full of stunning daylilies.”  – Susan F. Adams

Susan’s sister Judy Armstrong engulfed by daylilies in the back seat of Chris DeLois’ car (Courtesy Susan Adams)

NOTE: The poem font chosen by Susan can make the lower-case “b” look like an upper-case “G” – i.e.: second line says: “I’m obsessed…” and later “I’m like an out-of-control bus.”

NOW, here is today’s featured poem: 


Out of Control

Susan F. Adams – October 5, 2006

Please note, we will continue featuring the poetry of Susan Adams on a regular basis in Poet’s Corner with Susan Adams. If you’d like to share some of your own poetry with our readers, please send your poem as a word document along with your contact information for consideration to Poet’s Corner on LB via email