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By Susan F. Adams

LOVELAND, OH (February 23, 2024) – Poet Susan F. Adams takes us to motorcycle riding class.

Susan F. Adams on the motorcycle (Provided)

Frequent visitors to our Poet’s Corner with Susan F. Adams know motorcycles and motorcycle adventures are the inspiration for many – in fact most – of her poetic verse. Today is no different – enjoy the ride(s).

Susan shared the following story about today’s feature poem: Taking the Motorcycle Rider Course

Here’s her story:

As co-rider, it was my job to bring the Gold Wing to a stop if anything happened to my Rider. I ended up taking the class three times before I was able to pass the test. The first time, I grabbed the brake instead of squeezing it which locked the brakes and threw me – lickety-split  down on the pavement in front of many pairs of eyes. Pride was my only injury. The second test, right after the second class, I went about five feet past the stop line because I was flying – automatic expulsion! I believe I passed the last class test because the instructors were tired of dealing with me.

There she goes: Did she pass or fail? (Photo provided)

Next up was the State Test. You guessed it, I had to take that one three times also. On the first one, the man before me turned off the gas – I went about one foot before the bike stopped. My feet came down – automatic expulsion. Second test: I was speeding and went five feet past the stop line – another expulsion! For the third try I envisioned myself passing the test. I went perfectly slow and easy while the same “Mr. Examiner” kept saying: “I can’t believe this is the same person, I can’t believe this is the same person!” I still have the coveted “M” on my license. – Susan F. Adams

Susan shared these helpful tips too:

  • FINE – C = the steps to start the bike
  • F is for FUEL – Turn on the gas.
  • I is for Ignition – Turn on the key
  • N is for Neutral – Put it in neutral
  • E is for Engine – Turn on the engine
  • C is for Clutch – Put it in gear
  • SIPDE = a reminder to keep you safe
  • S is for Scan – Look at the area you’ll be driving through
  • I is for Identify – Note all the potential hazards
  • P is for Predict – Cars will run the red light, ignore the stop sign, switch lanes and turn right in front of you
  • D is for Decide – Decide what action you’ll take if this happens
  • E is for Execute – Execute your plan when necessary

A man on a lawn mower bolted out of his yard to make a U-turn back into his yard directly in front of us. Don had to drop the bike we were on to keep from being hit. – Susan F. Adams

Taking the Motorcycle Rider Course

Susan F. Adams 

March 14, 1995

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