The impact of MLB Umpire John McSherry’s sudden death –

with a Loveland connection

By Larry Schildmeyer – Opening Day Special to Loveland Beacon

LOVELAND, OH (April 2, 2021) – The collapse on the field during Reds Opening Day 1996, and subsequent death of MLB Umpire John McSherry, postponed the game and had a lasting impact on major league umpires. Here’s the rest of the story: 

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John McSherry ‘more to the story’ continued…
So what was the aftermath of John McSherry’s passing and relevance in MLB today?
It was later revealed McSherry had a doctor’s appointment for the day after his death; McSherry had been diagnosed with a cardiac arrhythmia. After the incident, Major League Baseball compelled its umpires to be more physically fit. NL umpire Eric Gregg, a friend of McSherry who was likely as heavy, made an effort to lose excess weight via exercise and diet, but resigned after the 1999 season in a dispute with MLB and subsequently died at age 55 due to a stroke in 2006.
All MLB umpires today are taught wellness and fitness standards specific to their rigorous travel schedule and daily grind of a 162 game schedule over a 6 month span and is certainly reflective in MLB umpires today.
It’s a long season Red’s fans!

SPECIAL THANKS TO LARRY SCHILDMEYER AND TUFTS-SCHILDMEYER funeral home For sharing this historic moment in Baseball History connected to our hometown – Loveland, Ohio