Ice Cream at Loveland Dairy Whip

means springtime in Loveland

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (February 26, 2021)  – Sunshine, smiles and ICE CREAM were served up as Loveland Dairy Whip (LDW) served up the first soft-serve cones of the season today.

Emily Kiehl was first in line with her friend Claudia Bow (Chuck Gibson)

I can’t say what the skies looked like all around Cincinnati at 2 p.m. today, but I can tell you for sure blue skies were lit by a glistening sunshine above the crowd awaiting Opening Day Ice Cream at the LDW. There was a new face at the front of the line awaiting that first cone of the season a half hour before the announced 2 p.m. opening. Emily Kiehl wore a bright smile as she proudly took her first-in-line position at the window.

 “This will be the highlight of my week, year, and probably greatest achievement ever,” said Kiehl who is a 2018 graduate of Loveland High School. “This is the best ice cream. I feel like it’s a title to hold; to have first ice cream from the whippy did, the Loveland Dairy Whip.”

So much for Rainbow Sprinkles, Emily switched to Chocolate Sprinkles for the first cone of the LDW 2021 Season (Chuck Gibson)

Smiling right along with her – even if only second in line – was her friend Claudia Bow. Both planned to keep it simple with Emily planning to order up a small plain vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles and Claudia just going for a plain chocolate cone.

“Second is just as good, if not better,” said Bow. “I like keeping her happy.”

Both planned to keep their order simple with Emily planning a small vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles and Bow ordering a plain chocolate cone.

“Plain chocolate,” Bow said. “Chocolate makes me happy.”

It must have made Emily happy too. She changed her order from rainbow sprinkles to chocolate sprinkles on her plain vanilla cone. No matter, it was still the first “Whippy Dip” cone out the window for the Loveland Dairy Whip 2021 Season.

LDW Owner Teresa Flint-Morgan was in an unfamiliear sitting position at the drive-thru for Opening Day 2021 (Chucik Gibson)

On the 66th Opening Day for Loveland Dairy Whip, owners Teresa Flint-Morgan and Rick Morgan (29th year for the Morgan’s) didn’t make any surprise changes for the season. Despite the pandemic of the past year, they were even able to keep prices the same – no increase in prices. Only change on Opening Day this year was seeing Teresa seated – yes seated – and taking orders at the drive-thru window due to a leg injury and doctor’s orders. Rick had to pick up the slack working with fifth year LDW veteran Caroline Gott to fill those Opening Day ice cream orders.

“We’ll hire a bunch,” said Morgan. “The ‘oldies’ are off to college and we’re hurting for help right now. It was a great opening, busier than last year. The Oasis crew came down and the Valentine Ladies came down.”

The Valentine Ladies were well represented with 10 of them on hand for LDW Opening Day 2021 (Chuck Gibson)

They were not the only familiar faces in line. Tony Westley showed up with family and friends Lola Jones, Abby and Matt Charleson all wearing special made to order “Loveland Dairy Whip – Opening Day – Feb 26, 2K21 t-shirts” . Tony was even wearing a 2015 LDW Opening Day t-shirt under the new one for this year. Following close behind the Westley group was Art Jarvis with his daughter Katelyn, his son Austin and first-timer puppy Willow. Todd Osborne, maybe most familiar was also among all the familiar faces wearing smiles, enjoying some sun, and loving their LDW ice cream even if it was a bit chilly out

The Jarvis’ puppy “Willow” enjoyed her first LDW ice cream cup (Chuck Gibson)

“It’s a good fun business,” said Pat Furterer, one of the 10 Valentine Ladies on hand for the festive occasion. “I’m glad to see it open again. Why not have an ice cream on a chilly day. My favorite is root beer float.”

Jeannie Shumaker, 2021 Valentine Lady was excited to be among the group of Valentine Ladies for the first time. She’s been coming to the Loveland Dairy Whip since she was in high school and they know her favorite is chocolate kiddie cone with chocolate dip top.

“I used to drive by and see them here and thought I would never be one of them,” said Shumaker. “Here I am. It means a lot cause I’m representing my town again.”

The Oasis Turf & Tree group – all 55 of them walked 7/10ths of a mile for their ice cream (Chuck Gibson)

Tony Westley, Chuck Gibson, Lola Jones & Abby Charleson show off the 2021 Opening Day LDW t-shirts special ordered by Westley. (Chuck Gibson)

Rick Morgan said it. They sure looked it too. Loveland Dairy Whip was busier than last year and the 55 Oasis Turf & Tree lawn care employees sure made a big day of it. Owners Rob and Angela Reindl and the team just finished a week of training as they prepare to start their lawn care season next week. What better way than to venture over to Opening Day at the LDW?

“We decided to end our week with a walk down here for health,” said Rob. “Angela measured it – 7/10ths of a mile one way. The weather is cooperating.”  

By the way, yes the Reindl’s bought the ice cream for all 55 employees to cap off the week of training and start their new season next week. The weather definitely cooperated for their walk and for the annual rite of spring in Loveland – Opening Day means spring has sprung in our town.

Picking up the slack, Rick Morgan prepares a cone for a good customer (Chuck Gibson)

First drive-thru customer LDW 2021 (Chuck Gibson )

Tony Westley displays his 2015 Opening Day t-shirt from LDW (Chuck Gibson)

“Thank you to the customers,” said Rick Morgan. “They come back every year. We have gobs of good customers. We have good customers.”

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