Loveland Valentine Ladies highlighted the welcome of springtime and ice cream at the LDW

By: Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH – The sun was shining, smiles were abundant, and anticipation was a delight as the annual rite of spring in Loveland arrived at 611 W. Loveland Avenue Friday, February 28, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. It was Opening Day at The Loveland Dairy Whip.   

Valentine Lady Anne Fowler was first at the walk-up window for Opening Day at Loveland Dairy Whip Friday, February 28, 2020 (Photo by Chuck Gibson)

Anne Fowler was there to greet LDW Crew girl, Caroline Gott when she opened the window for the first soft-serve ice cream order of the 2020 season. Fowler is abstaining from desserts right now and, instead of ordering her favorite ice cream, offered a donation for the LDW Crew tip jar. And so it was actually Valentine Lady Janis Fogle who placed the first ice cream order at Gott’s window on Opening Day at Loveland Dairy Whip. For the record, it was a vanilla cone with the famous candy eyes looking straight back at her.

”It’s such a family oriented place,” said Fogle. “The folks in here are so nice, so cheerful and they always make you feel welcome. And the ice cream is good!”

LDW Crew member Caroline Gott delivered the first LDW cone to Valentine Lady Janis Fogle on Opening Day 2020 (Photo by Chuck Gibson)

Meanwhile, at the other walk-up window, 15-year LDW Crew veteran, Dana greeted Valentine Lady Kathryn Lorenz with a smile as she took her order. Lorenz ordered her favorite fudge shake. It wasn’t all Valentine’s Ladies at the Loveland Dairy Whip 2020 Opening Day. In fact, the true “first in line” was at the drive-up window. Patty and Hank Goforth drove down from Pleasant Plain, Ohio to “make sure” they made it to LDW for opening day.

“We try to come down every single year we possibly can for Opening Day,” said Patty. “We don’t necessarily try to be the first people in line.”

They were third in line last year. This year they were first to be greeted at the drive-thru window. Seven-year LDW Crew member Katie Fasola happily served up their favorite cones.

Valentine Lady Kathryn Lorenz received her favorite Fudge Shake from Dana – 15 year LDW Crew veteran. (Photo by Chuck Gibson) 

The Goforth’s, Patty & Hank were the real “first in line” at the drive-thru window for Openng Day 2020 at the Loveland Dairy Whip (Photo by Chuck Gibson)

It was a large chocolate with rainbow sprinkles for Hank, and a medium vanilla with chocolate sprinkles for Patty.  The dairy whip is their favorite. They just love it. So much so, they were coming back for seconds later on Opening Day.

 “That was my brother on the phone, we’re coming back,” said Hank as he finished a call on his cellphone. “He’s going to bring all the kids out tonight. We’re coming back for seconds.”

Seconds, and sometimes thirds are not unusual at the Loveland Dairy Whip. Co-owner, Rick Morgan says they often see mom’s come for an ice cream after they drop the kids off at school, then return with the kids on the way 

Loveland Dairy Whip co-owner Teresa Morgan with Valentine Lady Anne Fowler on Opening Day 2020 (Photo by Chuck Gibson) 

home from school, and then – don’t tell dad – but come back with dad and the kids after dinner; thirds. Wow. He’s seen a lot while co-owning the LDW with his wife Teresa Morgan. They’ve owned it since 1993 – this year makes 27 years for them. Overall, the Loveland Dairy Whip is celebrating 65 years at the same location where it opened in July 1955.

Loveland Dairy Whip onwers Rick and Teresa Morgan with LDW Crew: Caroline Gott, Katie Fasola and Dana ready to serve on Opening Day 2020 (Photo by Chuck Gibson)

“Somebody else built it and opened it in 1955,” said Rick. “Teresa’s parents didn’t buy it until 1972.”

Teresa’s parents, the Flints, owned it from 1972-1986. The Morgan’s bought LDW in 1993 and have now owned it the longest. It means a lot to them to see the familiar faces return every year on opening day and throughout the dairy whip season.

“It’s a great compliment,” Rick said. “We see comments on Facebook all the time how they can’t wait to come when we open up. They’re waiting. We have one little girl the last two years who has a calendar all winter she marked off every day. That’s pretty cool.”

Hot fudge sundae at the Loveland Dairy Whip – Opening Day 2020 (Photo by Chuck Gibson)

The Loveland Dairy Whip has a lot of fans. A lot of people like the LDW. They like to share their memories from childhood of coming with their ball team after a ballgame; win or lose and sometimes even between games. The Morgan’s were also happy to see several of the Valentine’s Ladies come out for Opening Day at the LDW this year. Valentine Lady and chairperson of the chamber Valentine’s Committee, Pat Furterer explained how that happened.

 “It was Janis’ great idea,” said Furterer pointing to Valentine Lady Janis Fogle. “She came down the hill and said why don’t we go there for Opening Day. We like to support the local businesses and here we are. It is one of my very favorites. I like soft-serve ice cream.”

Valentines Ladies on Opening Day 2020 at the Loveland Dairy Whip – Anne Fowler, Janis Fogle, Peggy Goodwin, Linda Cox, Kay Napier, Kathryn Lorenz, Carol Willams and Pat Furterr. (Photo by Chuck Gibson)

Opening Day at the Loveland Dairy Whip took on another different look this year aside from the smiling faces of the Loveland Valentine’s Ladies. The line at the window was not filled with giggling teens jockeying for that first ice cream of the year. There was no sign of the usual school kids eagerly anticipating their favorite ice cream treat. It did not go unnoticed by the owners. Teresa Morgan had been tracking the situation as their school day got a late start due to overnight snow and cold. Add to that no early dismissal and the teens were not first at the window this year.

It was Opening Day at the LDW. It meant the return to work for the LDW Crew. Fourth year for Caroline Gott and seventh year for Katie Fasola; both like coming back every year because they like working for Teresa and Rick.

No early dismissal meant no school kids lined up early for Opening Day 2020 at the Loveland Dairy Whip (Photo by Chuck Gibson)

“It’s always a good time,” said Fasola. “Especially Opening Day. I always come back from college to work.”

Fasola likes serving the original twist with rainbow sprinkles and two eyes for little kids because she likes watching their reaction. Hardest for her is the new hot caramel cake – because she always wants to eat it.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said fellow LDW Crew member Caroline Gott. “It’s a good job. The easiest is the hot fudge brownie; hardest is the banana boat.”

Valentine Lady Janis Fogle enjoyed her Loveland Dairy Whip Opening Day ice cream (Photo by Chuck Gibson) 

The Loveland Dairy Whip is open now thru the end of September.

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