Freshman Reesë Tuttle is creating a tech-savvy team to open opportunities for all Braves

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications

INDIAN HILL SCHOOLS – The magic happens once a week, typically on Tuesday afternoons, inside Room 116 at Indian Hill High School.

As founder of the Indian Hill Hack Club, Indian Hill High School freshman Reesë Tuttle organizes meetings with students in the new Digital Arts Lab. (Photo: Courtesy Indian Hill Schools)

Reesë Tuttle takes the lead organizing students to work on small learning projects; she is the founder of the Indian Hill Hack Club. Simply stated, the group is a computer science and information tech club at Indian Hill High School (IHHS). But the influence of this group is a bit more complex.

“We are an official club with, and we are in the process of joining the INTERAlliance of Greater Cincinnati where internship opportunities and more will open up!” explained Reesë Tuttle with energy. She can’t help but show her enthusiasm … this club is her dream come true.

“Our club has already established some wonderful partnerships, of these partnerships, EC-Council is the most exciting right now! man?

EC-Council is the largest Cyber Security Certification organization in the world and their certifications are recognized by Fortune 500s, U.S. Government, and U.S. Military. Never before have they worked with a high school like this. We are in talks to bring in their professional certification training that can cost $6,000-plus and make it available to students for a fraction of that price. This means that Indian Hill students would get world-class cybersecurity training and professional certification that is in hot demand.”

Did we mention yet that Reesë Tuttle is a freshman?

“Wow – just wow; that is really all you can say,” said Indian Hill High School Principal Jeff Damadeo. “It is amazing. I’m constantly in awe of what our students set out to accomplish through our school-supported clubs and organizations, and the work Reesë is leading is truly unparalleled.”

“I believe that more people would go into technology if they understood how easy and fun it can be,” said Tuttle. “Everyone starts out with a simple workshop, building your first web page, which leads to exploration of the paths of development, design or security. There are many ‘drag and drop’ builders that require little to no code for someone to start developing!

“We also have a partnership with SiteGround web hosting


company, one of the largest web hosting companies in the world, so that we can provide ALL of our club members with a space on the internet to use the professional web design tools that we have been granted access to. Club members can build their own website, set up a blog, or just tinker.”

Enter Room 116 at IHHS. The space – a Digital Arts Lab new to Indian Hill High School this year – is where the magic all happens. Creation of the space was supported through private funding through the Indian Hill Foundation.

“It is where our students turn their dreams into reality – and that is magical,” said Damadeo. “We are so excited by the innovative learning our students have experienced this year, and we can’t wait to see those opportunities grow.” 

That is what Reesë Tuttle focuses on, right now, once a week … typically on Tuesdays.

“Over the past couple of weeks, I have been in communication with the makers of Unity, a top game-making platform that is used at Universities and professional game studios around the world. Since November, I’ve been working with a team on an after-school WordPress Club project, developing the workshops for it. Once finished, Indian Hill High School will be the first to have access to it and the certifications that will be available!” said Tuttle. “This is huge because WordPress is a web framework that powers more than 35 percent of the entire Internet. Its main programming languages are PHP, used on about 78 percent of all web sites, and JavaScript, used on about 95 percent of all websites. There are currently no degrees or professional certifications in WordPress.”

We did mention Reesë Tuttle is a freshman, right?

“For anyone that is passionate about learning computers and just needs some support, guidance, and direction while having fun, this is the place to be!” said Tuttle … still excited, and she should be.

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