Sustainability Council makes recycling easy 1-4 p.m.

this Saturday in Loveland

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (September 28, 2021) – The Loveland Sustainability Council’s annual One Stop Drop recycling event is this Saturday, October 2, from 1-4 p.m. This year they’ve expanded the event with two locations accepting reusable and recyclable items.

One Stop Drop recycling is this Saturday, October 2, in Loveland (File Photo)

A One Stop Drop location will be set up at the Loveland Elementary School located at 600 Loveland-Madeira Road where a wide array of your reusable and recyclable items will be accepted. This year the council has arranged for an additional One Stop Drop location at the Loveland Public Works located at 10980 Loveland-Madeira Road where they will accept empty pill bottles and usable latex paint (No Empty, Hard, or oil-based paint). The event is free and provides a way for members of the community to “get rid of” household items they no longer use in an environmentally friendly manner. Loveland Sustainability Council member Amy Van Strien shared a little about the why and how.

“It’s a way to dispose of things we need to get rid of that can be reused or recycled,” said Van Strien. “That way, hopefully, it wouldn’t end up carbon in a landfill.”

Van Strien started by taking documents that tended to pile up around the house to the shredding truck when she first moved to Loveland. Then there was Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity. Goodwill accepts electronics, glassware, clothing, toys/games, books, bicycles, miscellaneous mowers and more. Note: Check the Ohio Valley Goodwill website for a complete list of items accepted and not accepted. Habitat for Humanity will be collecting used furniture, large and small appliances and a variety of fixtures, tools, hardware, electronics and lawn & garden. Check Habitat Cincinnati Restore online for a complete list.

Signs around town announce the One Stop Drop recycling event this Saturday, October 2, in Lovealnd (Chuck Gibson)

“This year Timesavers Heating & Cooling is going to sponsor collecting household batteries,” Van Strien said. “Those can be hard to get rid of. Most people don’t realize those can’t, or shouldn’t go in your trash. They don’t realize if you put your computer battery out and it makes it to Rumpke; that’s been the cause of several fires.”

The Sustainability Council wanted to create an option for proper disposal of household batteries to avoid the hazard created when they end up in a trash site. Beside batteries, there are other items people typically find difficult to dispose of properly. Tires can be among the most challenging.  Honest-1 Auto Care is sponsoring the collection of tires ($3 per tire charge) and car batteries (as long as they’re in good shape with no leaks).

“Tires is really the only thing we have to charge for,” said Van Strien. “It’s really only their cost. It’s nice they’re willing to do that.”

Things are going to look a little different this year according to Van Strien. As mentioned above, there are two locations. Last year, with trucks lined up in front of the elementary school, traffic was so heavy it backed up on Loveland-Madeira Road with Loveland Police coming out to help direct the flow and ease the back-up. This year people will be routed around the Primary and Elementary Schools, and not in front, so the traffic pattern is going to look a little different this year.

All the drop off trucks lined up in front of the school in the past causing a back-up on Loveland-Madeira Roas in 2020. (Provided)

“People will enter on the side of the Primary school and go around the building,” Van Strien explained. “They’ll enter the drop-off on the side by McDonald’s and the elementary school. We’ll have people there with signs.”

Another change for this year is the paint drop off will be at the Public Works location, not at the elementary school location.  

Another significant change this year will be the presence of Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse. Van Strien says they take a lot of very specific items people generally don’t realize can be recycled. It is a very broad list from oral and personal care items to office supplies and Swiffer refills and all brands of empty writing instruments. (CLICK HERE to see a document with details from Cincy Recycling)

The One Stop Drop Recycling flyer (Provided)

“We’re taking a little bit more this year,” Van Strien said. “We’re excited to be partnering with all these agencies. It’s a great opportunity to drop off a lot of items that can be reused and recycled instead of putting them out on the curb for Rumpke.”

ONE STOP DROP RECYCLING – From Loveland Sustainability Council

Saturday, October 2, 2021,  1-4 p.m.

Drop off at 600 Loveland-Madeira Road (Loveland Elementary and Primary School)

Paint drop off at 10980 Loveland-Madeira Road (Loveland Public Works)

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