By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (June 14, 2024) – In this edition of Fun with Maps we celebrate the founding of a historic European city.

Cars or Beer

Munich was founded on June 14, 1158.

It was not an important city initially compared to nearby Salzburg, Regensburg and Augsburg which commanded attention much earlier by the Romans.

Munich’s population was about 15,000 by 1500, so like Loveland’s population today.   The population steadily rose, passing the 1 million mark in the 1950s.  Today it is 1.5 million.

Munich is ranked number three globally as the most livable city.   

Munich had its negatives in the past century with nearby Dachau concentration camp and the debacle hostage takings and massacre at the 1972 Olympics.

Today it is a center for arts and science.  It hosts the annual Octoberfest, an event to behold – not art or science, but high on the fun factor.  It is the home to BMW, and the seat of the European Patent Office.

This 1938 view shows the path of one of the first Autobahns – Munich to Salzburg.  No speed limit.

Autobahn: Munich to Salzburg Circa 1938 (Credit Steve Kovacs)

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