Show Choir auditions and Superintendent dancing for NEST

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (September 12, 2022) – Hot off the Tiger Talk school news press: student auditions for Show Choir are happening right now- this week. 

The Tiger Cat is out of the bag too: Superintendent Mike Broadwater has thrown his hat (make that dance shoes) into the ring as a “Celebrity Dancer” for the 2022 NEST Dancing With The Stars fundraiser event. First, let’s take a look at the details for the Show Choir Auditions: 


Loveland Revolution, the Loveland Middle School fantastic  show choir, is holding auditions. Students in grades 6-8 interested in auditioning should follow this link to register.

Students will participate in a workshop every morning from Monday, September 12, through Friday, September 16. Students will learn a choreographed routine, with auditions on Thursday and Friday. The workshop is in the LIS gym before school from 6:50-7:20 am. For more information, contact Shawn Miller at

Loveland Middle School Show Choir – Revolution (Photo credit Carol Hall)

Superintendent Mike Broadwater is making a concerted effort “to forge stronger relationships with our Booster groups, Parent-Teacher associations, and our Foundation because they all support our students in amazing ways.”

Among those groups helping to create a strong community beyond the bell and the classroom is NEST Community Learning Center. Here is what the Superintendent said in announcing his participation as a “Celebrity Dancer” for the 2022 NEST Dancing With The Stars fundraiser event: 

NEST Community Learning Center is another group that is very important in our school community. NEST stands for nutrition, education, safety, and transformation. Their volunteers provide fantastic support to kids in our area. Their RVs serve as mobile classrooms and community centers, and you’ve probably seen them around town.

Because NEST is doing great things, I let them talk me into joining their big yearly fundraiser. I’ll be one of the participants in Dancing with the Stars – even though I’m no star, and what I’ll be doing will barely qualify as dancing. Putting in the hours to practice and making a fool of myself is the least I can do for such a great organization. – Superintendent Mike Broadwater

Mike Broadwater (Provided)

Donate to the Dancing with the Stars fundraiser by following this link.

Learn more about NEST or buy a ticket to Dancing with the Stars on October 28 at the Oasis golf club by following this link.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Broadwater at:


SPECIAL NOTICE: As the search for bus drivers continues in Loveland, and all across school districts everywhere, the Loveland School Bus Drivers are planning something very special this week. 

Keep Watch!  The bus drivers want to show why Loveland Schools is THE Place to be when it comes to drving a school bus. 

Loveland Schools launches incentive program to address driver shortages (Photo Chuck Gibson)