LHS student environmental club planted trees

throughout Loveland in April

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (May 5, 2022) – The Loveland High School (LHS) Environmental Club recently partnered with Tree-Plenish to sell and plant trees throughout the Loveland community to promote sustainability.

Just one of the more than 300 sapling trees planted by LHS student environamental club (Courtesy Beyza Osbudak)

Beyza Ozbudak is an LHS junior who joined the environmental club as a freshman and now serves as part of the leadership team. The club sold trees earlier this spring, pick up and planting day was held April 20. The students set a goal to plant 200 saplings on that date. All of the trees were purchased from their partner in this effort Tree-Plenish. The faculty leader for the LHS Environmental Club is biology and environmental science teacher Ms. Tonya Nkhata. She says met their goal, and then some.  

“We sold just over 300 trees and they were planted or distributed successfully,” said Nkhata.   “About 40 trees were donated to The Grail to support their Environmental Stability Goals.”

Eastern RedBud, Red Maple, and Northern Red Oak were among the different types of trees people were able to order from Tree-Plenish for planting. 

Some people picked up and planted their own trees. The students helped distribute the orders and even assisted in the planting of the saplings once they were delivered. After all the planning and effort, Beyza Ozbudak was grateful for the successful outcome.

“To put months of effort into planning this event it feels really rewarding to not only wrap it up but also pass our goal,” Ozbudak exclaimed!  “Thank you to everyone who supported our community through purchasing, donating, or volunteering. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of Loveland Environmental Club helping our community.”

LHS Environmental Club students and volunteers delivered and planted trees throughout Loveland April 20, 2022 (Courtesy Beyza Osbudak)

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