Designated an “Open Site” to feed any child 18 and under

By Chuck Gibson (Wendy Planicka, Director of Communications contributed to this story)

MILFORD, OH (April 27, 2020) – Milford Schools provides packaged meals to families every Monday.

MIlford Schools feeding families during COVID-19 shutdown (Provided) 

“The families each receive meal packages which include five breakfasts and five lunches for the week. Milford Schools has qualified as an “open site” during this extended school closure. This designation allows the district to serve meals to ANY child aged 18 and younger. Children from ANY school district are welcome. The children DO NOT have to qualify for the free and reduced-price lunch program in Milford or their home district to be eligible.

Wendy Planicka, Director of Communications, says Milford Schools will continue to feed any and all kids during this extended school closure.

“We’re continuing to feed our students in need,” Planicka wrote in an email response to Loveland Beacon. “Basically, we provide packaged meals each Monday for families. They get five breakfasts and five lunches.”


Breakfasts and lunches are pre-packaged for the week and available on Mondays for pickup between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the front entrance of Mulberry Elementary School, 5950 Buckwheat Road, Milford.


Parents who have not yet registered to receive food should call (513) 576-4160 to place an order for their children. If you have already called to order meals, there is no need to call again. Milford Schools will provide food for anyone who needs it. They only request parents call first to place an order to ensure they will have enough meals available. Milford Schools also requests parents call to cancel if they will not be picking up the meals.

Milford Schools is making limited delivery available for families that do not have transportation, are quarantined, or for other reasons are unable to pick up the meals.

Call (513) 576-4160 to order meals or to ask questions. Make sure to leave a message if your call is not answered.

 Click here to access information on Milford Schools Website