Pat Furterer produced a melodrama for the June meeting.

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (June 15, 2021) – The Loveland Woman’s Club (LWC) held their final meeting for the season on Wednesday, June 8.  Following a summer respite, the women will resume meeting beginning September 14, 2021. 

New Officers shown in photo: President: Rebecca Giver,1st Vice Pres: Kay Bolin, 2nd Vide Pres: Sue Peterson, Recording Sec’y: Jane Lee, Treasurer: Kathleen Cosgrove, Historian: Jeannie Shumaker, Not shown: Corresponding Sec’y: Suzanne Lundy, Advisor: Nancy Downing. (Photo Nancy Downing)

During the June 8, meeting, new officers and board members were inducted as follows: 

President: Rebecca Giver

1st Vice Pres: Kay Bolin

2nd Vide Pres: Sue Peterson

Recording Sec’y: Jane Lee

Treasurer: Kathleen Cosgrove

Historian: Jeannie Shumaker.

Corresponding Sec’y: Suzanne Lundy

Advisor: Nancy Downing

Each will serve a two-year term.

The meeting was not all business though. The ladies were entertained by a Melodrama produced by member Pat Furterer. Maybe a sign of the times as small businesses struggled to survive the pandemic, this Melodrama was about a spinster daughter and her widowed mother who faced an impending foreclosure on their shop by the local bank. Of course, no spinster daughter and her mother are running into trouble with their shop in Loveland. Anyway, the ladies were duly entertained by the creative work of Pat Furterer and her cast. Here is the cast of characters (emphais on characters) also shown left to right in the photo below: Marjory Clegg, K Buckler, Pat Furterer, Maureen Donahue, Carolyn Finn, Kay Bolin, and Kathy Lorenz

Cast of characters for the LWC Melodrama June 8, 2021 Characters as noted in story above (Photo Nancy Downing)

Along with the outstanding entertainment, the ladies were treated to food & drink provided by the outgoing officers and board members while celebrating a Patriotic Theme.  

The Loveland Woman’s Club also recognized Leah Smith as the winner of the LWC Scholarship. Leah was in attendance along wiht her mother and thanked the ladies for the scholarship award. She’ll be attending Ohio State University where she plans to major in marketing and minor in Spanish.  

Anna Colletto, 2021 LHS graduate received the Viola Phillips Scholarship, but was unable to attend. She is majoring in journalism at the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. She sent a note expressing her appreciation for the scholarship award. 

Loveland Beacon thanks Nancy Downing for providing a brief summary and photos of the Loveland Woman’s Club monthly meeting.