Revolution competes Friday, Allure and By Request Saturday

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND – Show Choir Competition Season Begins Friday night for the Loveland Middle School Revolution show choir at Beaver Creek High School. Loveland High School’s Allure (all girl group) and By Request (mixed group) show choirs will start their competition season Saturday, January 11, at Beavercreek High School.

Shawn Miller directs the Loveland Show Choirs (LSC) with Donna Bernstein and assistant Nancy Wagner. August Lamson is also assisting with Revolution. The LSC will travel with 207 students this season. Allure has 50 girls. The mixed group, By Request, has 58 performers. The LMS Revolution has its largest mixed group ever with 66 student performers.

Loveland Middle School show choir group Revolution (Photo:Carol Hall)

REVOLUTION MIDDLE SCHOOL SHOW IS BUILT AROUND KIDS. Miller says they don’t really use themes. Their show is about kids. The first number they perform is called “Happy Kids” while they finish the show with a number called “Stick Together.”  In between, Revolution will perform a ballad called “A Little More Homework To Do” from the musical “13”.

“It’s all about being a kid, having fun,” said Miller. “That was our general idea putting this show together.”

Loveland Show Choir all girls group Allure (Photo:Carol Hall) 

THE ALLURE SHOW IS DIFFERENT THIS YEAR. Miller says their show starts a little darker, a little mysterious with a song called “Nightmare”.  The idea is somebody is having a nightmare, but when they awake everything is great again. The song has a “really bright and sunshiny” finish.

Miller is amazed by the quick success of Allure. The group was started to make room for more girls to be part of the show choir program. 

He never expected them to become as strong a presence on the show choir scene as they have; simply because it takes time. They hit the ground running and have never looked back making an immediate impact on the show choir scene.

“They just jumped right in,” Miller said. “Allure is amazing. I think this is the best show they’ve had.”

LSC Allure has made an immediate impact on the show choir scene (Photo: Carol Hall)

Loveland Show Choir mixed group By Request (Photo: Carol Hall) 



THE BY REQUEST SHOW HAS A NEW FEEL TOO. The first half of their show is different than the second half of their show. The Pentatonics “Save The World” and Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” are two great fun songs featured in the first half.

“Then everyone will know ‘With A Little Help From My Friends” remake by Shoshana Bean,” Miller explained.

Their ballad number is an acapella tune called “Sing For Myself” which comes from the University of Chicago group Voices in My Head. Miller says it is just a fun all acapella number he expects to be the highlight of their show.

“Then we’re doing something different we really haven’t done before,” said Miller. “We are going country!”

By Request has some unique things this year with Simon Grome playing banjo and two of the ladies playing fiddle. The kids are very excited about trying to “country it up” this year. They’re having a lot of fun and doing a great job with it.

“Great costumes, kids are working so hard,” Miller said. “We have a great band again. We have Paul Moak and Colton Thomas working with the band.”

By Request has gone country for the 2020 competition season (Photo:Carol Hall)

Show Choirs have a great band behind them (Photo:Carol Hall)

THE SHOW IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. A fall camp in August began the learning process for the performers. They learned this show during September and October. The band learned the show in November after Marching Band Season ended. Preparation of arranging, tunes and changes really started back in April.

Challenges in learning and working on their craft don’t end with the start of the competition season. The soloists have been chosen for the season for the middle school Revolution. That is not true for soloists with the high school groups this year.

Every two contests they’ll be re-auditioning for the solo role. The idea is to keep the soloists on their toes and to assure they are making the right choices as the season goes on.

“It is just to make sure we’re giving ample opportunity; to make sure soloists work hard to continue working on their craft,” said Miller.

The Loveland Show Choirs have a schedule of seven weekend competitions this season beginning at Beavercreek High School this weekend January 10-11. The schedule ends at Fairfield.  The next time they’ll perform at home will be as hosts of the Loveland Showfest Valentine Weekend Friday and Saturday, February 14-15. As hosts, they will not compete, but will perform exhibitions of their show.  It all comes to a close May 2, with the Finale performance at LHS Auditorium.

“We have such great kids,” Miller said. “We’re excited. I am excited for the season because they’re excited and fun to work with.”

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