Weekly Tiger Talk updates Superintendent Search information

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (April 10, 2021) – The Loveland City School District released more information about the ongoing search for a new superintendent. 

The latest update on the search for a new school superintendent to lead LCSD was released Friday, April 9, in the weekly edition of “Tiger Talk” which goes out via email to Loveland Schools families. 

Here are some key points in the update: 

  • The search process will accelerate  in the coming weeks.
  • Insight into the process being followed by the search firm CF Educational Solutions
  • They’ve been communicating with their network of potential candidates
  • Those potential candidates are being encouraged to apply 
  • A Key Information and Position Announcement have been created –  CLICK HERE to view them
  • The position has been posted
  • The “pool of candidates” is expected to grow
  • There has already been interest expressed in leading LCSD

“The communications so far have generated a very healthy interest in the Loveland City Schools position,” said Robert Sommers with CF Educational Solutions. “Individuals seeking information and engaging with CF Educational Solutions include current superintendents, quality central office leaders, and an array of other backgrounds. Most are from the Ohio/Kentucky area but a few are from as far away as Georgia and Texas.”  

Here’s a breakout of the next steps listed in the “Tiger Talk” release: 

  • Early May: School Board (BOE) and Community Advisory Group (CAG) will reveiw anonymous list of poteential candidates
  •  They will evaluate them to determine which will be invited to interview
  • Candidate interviews will be scheduled for early May involving the BOE and CAG
  • Community engagement with finalists is planned for mid-May
  • Final Board approval and contract signing of  the new superintendent  is targeted for the end of May

Loveland School officials stated there will be opportunities for Loveland families and stakeholders to be involved in the process. Details and dates for those opportunities will be released when finalized. 

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