LMRCA surveyed members hoping to assist City with decision

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (March 30, 2022) – The Little Miami River Chamber Alliance (LMRCA) sent members a short survey about the proposed Loveland parking garage in early March.

Little Miami River Chamber Alliance surveyed members about proposed Loveland Parking Garage (Provieded)

The message from the LMRCA Board of Directors and President Cee Cee Collins noted the City of Loveland is considering the construction of a proposed parking garage. In the email to members, the chamber identified the proposed site of the garage structure to be located “behind City Hall”. Loveland Beacon (LB) reached out to Cee Cee Collins to learn more about the survey.


LMRCA President Cee Cee Collins during the State of the Region update event Monday, February 7, 2022 (Chuck Gibson)

“The Chamber Board of Directors feels it’s important to hear from our members on important issues,” Collins wrote in her email response to LB. “We sent a survey to our members and will present the response at the April 12 Council meeting.”

Collins’ email came in reply to questions posed by LB about why the chamber sent out the survey, what the purpose of survey is, and whether or not city officials had requested the chamber present such a survey.

“City Council did not ask us to offer the survey.” – Cee Cee Collins, LMRCA President

The survey consisted of one yes or no question. Question #1 was presented in the form of a statement as follows: “I am in favor of the proposed parking garage in downtown Loveland, Ohio.” with the option to respond by checking a YES or NO box as the member deemed appropriate. Question #2 was a request for comments or testimonial with a blank space for any comment or testimonial a member may have wished to offer.

“We kept it simple and to the point. We will present the facts from the survey.” – Cee Cee Collins

It was made clear in the original emailed survey; the chamber is simply making an effort to help provide information which may assist Loveland City Council in the process of making a decision on the proposed Loveland parking garage. Collins did not say exactly how many members make up the LMRCA, nor did she offer any information regarding how many members have actually responded to the survey at this time. The chamber asked members for their responses by last Friday, March 25, but sent out a follow-up reminder for responses on Monday, March 28.

For now, the question remains YES or NO to the proposed Loveland Parking Garage.

More about the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance at: www.lmrchamberalliance.org

More City of Loveland at: www.lovelandoh.gov 

See below for three renderings of the proposed parking garage. 

The original rendering of the proposed parking garage (Courtesy City of Loveland)

Current revised facade image for proposed Loveland Parking garage (Courtesy City of Loveland)

Another view of the revised parking garage design (Courtesy City of Loveland)