Loveland-Symmes Fire Department Chief Otto Huber will be Grand Marshall for Loveland Homecoming Parade in October

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (July 23, 2020) – Loveland Athletic Boosters President Jeff Williams announced LSFD Chief Otto Huber has accepted the invitation to be honored as the Grand Marshall for the planned Loveland Homecoming Parade in October.

Confetti flies during Loveland Tiger parade (FILE)

The Homecoming Parade held annually brings out the whole community of Loveland to honor the student-athletes from Loveland Schools and community athletic programs from the elementary school kids all the way up through the Loveland High School Senior athletes. Every year Fire Trucks from the LSFD lead the festive floats, with the players from all the different teams on board, starting in the heart of Downtown Loveland as they parade up W. Loveland Avenue, over Rich Road and finish at the LHS “Tiger” Stadium. Fans, family, and friends from throughout the Loveland community line the streets cheering the teams all along the parade route as player’s wave and toss candy to the delight of the youngsters in the crowd. The LSFD has been a big part of the tradition and this year Loveland Athletic Boosters (LAB) decided to honor LSFD Chief Otto Huber with the position of Grand Marshall.

Loveland-Symmes Fired Department Chief Otto Huber (FILE) 

“Otto Huber is going to be our Grand Marshall,” said Williams. “He’s accepted. Otto has always been a pillar in the community. There’s no one better; especially at this time.”

As President of LAB, during the last 13 years, Jeff Williams has worked directly with Chief Huber on many athletic events. He’s seen the efforts Huber has made to help contribute to the success of the athletic programs. The presence and support of the LSFD has meant a lot for the athletes and their families over the years. Williams has numerous stories about how Chief Huber has been the person to “help make it happen” many times over the years of their relationship.

“I’ve had a great relationship with him,” Williams said. “He’s just a solid guy. He’s done a great job.”

Tiger Stadium at Loveland High School (FILE)

“I just got a call from Jeff this morning asking me to be Grand Marshall,” said Huber. “I’m honored that the boosters would ask me to participate.”

Huber praised the Loveland School system, and specifically the booster’s organization. He expressed pride in playing any part he can to support them in their role educating the kids.

“They’re awesome for our community,” Huber said. “I certainly support them and their effort to educate our children as well as our great Loveland Tigers.”

The big question surrounding the LAB and Loveland Homecoming Parade remains will the athletic season be played. What effect will the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 guidelines have on the teams? How will the parade look different with any social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines?  Loveland High School Athletic Director Brian Conatser is focused on just trying to get the season in front of them started. The coaches have been preparing the teams; they are solid, primed and ready according to Conatser.

 “We want to go out and compete and do it the right way; the safe way,” said Conatser. “Unfortunately we don’t know. This is the only way we can keep control of what we’re doing. We’re just trying to put a season out there for these kids if possible. This is definitely different.”

The Marching Band will help lead the parade (FILE)

Conatser says the plan is to keep moving forward with plans to play the seasons despite knowing the possibility of change or even cancellation exists. They are doing all they can to prepare and plan to do whatever they can do when they can. Fact is, COVID-19 will decide what really can happen. That aside, he’s excited about the plans for the Homecoming Parade with Chief Otto Huber as Grand Marshall.

 “What a great guy,” Conatser said. “Well deserving of the honor. He’s done a lot for us, not only for the booster’s, but obviously for the athletic department as well. Whatever you need, Otto is there. He makes it happen and expects nothing in return.”

They might have to spread out and wear masks, but the community comes out (FILE)

Conatser and the community would love it if Chief Huber could magically make the pandemic go away. It might be the only way to ensure the athletic seasons and the Homecoming Parade. For now the Loveland Athletic Booster organization, the coaches, Athletic Director Brian Conatser are planning to celebrate with the Loveland community with a Homecoming Parade Thursday, October 1, followed by a Loveland Tiger Football Homecoming game versus the Little Miami Panthers on Friday, October 2nd. It may look different, but if history tells us anything, the community will celebrate it.

“It is quite a community event,” Conatser said. “All the teams here at the high school, the middle school even the youth organizations are represented by their float. The whole community comes out. How many communities to you know that are able to shut down a town for a couple hours to have a parade of kids 3rd grade thru 12th grade?”

Loveland Beacon will keep you updated on additional details as they become available. Keep watch!