DeirdRe Dyson won the ‘Grand Dame” award for

her ‘Heroes & Horses’ painting

Submitted by: Deirdre Dyson ( Claire Long contributed to the story) 

LOVELAND, OH (October 24, 2020) – Deirdre Dyson, Loveland resident, was honored with the “Grand Dame” Award for her painting  “Heroes and Horses” in the recent WACC show entitled BIG ART for oversized paintings, too large for most shows. 

 “Heroes & Horses” award-winning painting by Loveland artist Deirdre Dyson (Provided)

The painting is 5 ft wide by 6 ft high. The theme was “Giving Wings and Wheels to the Imagination”

The award was given by Claire Long to honor her mother. The late Beth Mizelle spent her whole life making art in various forms.

“Beth loved to make big paintings,” said Long of her mother. “She had a great sense of fun and making art was always a joy shared with her whole family.” 

Though she never knew Beth Mizelle, Dyson has come to feel they are kind of kindred spirits as she learned more about Mizelle’s passion for every form of art.

“It is an honor to be selected,” Dyson said. “The ‘Heroes and Horses’ painting is 5ft wide and 6ft high. It depicts mythical heroes on horseback painted using vibrant, unrealistic colors with large and loose brushstrokes. It was inspired by statuary in Europe.”

It was selected because of its high impact image, vibrant rapid and loose approach and a tongue in cheek take on the subject.

Dyson’s background made her an appropriate recipient for the “Grand Dame Award”. Her lifelong devotion to painting and theatre production in and around Cincinnati have enabled her to willingly share her knowledge through teaching and directing, and promotes her Arts community by organizing many art shows and events to involve others. She has been a member of the WACC for approximately 40 years, active on many levels including Board Member, Newsletter editor (before computers) and the planning of the Barn purchase.

Dyson has been featured in Solo shows in many Cincinnati galleries and in New York, also in juried exhibits in Cincinnati, Santa Fe, and Taos.

Her paintings are on display at her gallery, Art House II, 430 West Loveland Avenue, Loveland.

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