Images of crowds congregating in Downtown Loveland this past weekend prompted changes in the expanded DORA by city leaders

NEWS RELEASE: City of Loveland, Office of City Manager David Kennedy (Edited for publication by Chuck Gibson) 

LOVELAND, OH (May 12, 2020) – After crowds enjoyed the opening of an expanded DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) in Downtown Loveland Saturday, May 9, and Sunday, May 10, city leaders have announced changes to ensure proper social distancing guidelines are observed. 

According to information released by the City of Loveland city manager David Kennedy, crowds were observed congregating on sidewalks in front of businesses along West Loveland Avenue. This does not adhere to the social distancing guidelines posted on signs throughout the defined expanded DORA which went into effect Saturday, May 9. The statement released by the city earlier Tuesday, announced changes to address those concerns. Among the changes will be new warning signs asking people to not gather in groups on the sidewalks. Changes sited in the statement also include the addition of picnic tables properly spaced to meet social distancing standards in front of City Hall and on Jackson Street near Ally Boutique to go along with the tables added at Nisbet Park. 

Map/Diagram shows areas where city has added picnic tables to accomodate expanded DORA with social distancing (Provided) 

Nisbet Park with additional tables for expanded DORA (Chuck Gibson) 

Below is the full text of Press Release from the City of Loveland, May, 12, 2020: 

This past Saturday, the City expanded DORA guidelines in an effort to support our struggling downtown businesses.  While signs were posted encouraging social distancing, groups were observed congregating on the sidewalks along West Loveland Avenue.  To address this issue, the City has been working with the businesses to improve pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks.  A-frame signs reading, “Please Do Not Congregate on Sidewalks” will be added along West Loveland Avenue as well.  Outdoor seating areas will be expanded to include picnic tables in front of City Hall, at the Jackson Street Market (near Alley Boutique), along with additional tables being added to Nisbet Park. 

Tables are being placed six feet apart to encourage social distancing, and we encourage patrons to adhere to the same distancing guidelines put in place by Governor DeWine and Dr. Acton to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as our businesses begin to reopen.

The City will continue to work with our local businesses to make every effort to protect our visitors.

David Kennedy, City Manager


Loveland City Manager David Kennedy (Provided)