Tigers Inc. student-led marketing plans “Back Our Businesses” event

By Emily Ryan, LHS junior

LOVELAND, OH (February 25, 2021) – “Redefining the classroom setting” is exactly what Tigers Inc. is doing.

Tigers Inc. Marketing Cohort includes Emily Ryan, Adeline Monks, Averee Martin, Hanna Wenger, Mikayla Loomis, and (not shown Alex Miller) (Photo courtesy Emily Ryan)

Tigers Inc., a non-profit run by a selective group of business-oriented student leaders, is seeking to gain real world-experience through our local community. This unique opportunity is one student’s can only experience at Loveland High School.

Part of their Marketing Cohort, a student led group of six (Emily Ryan, Adeline Monks, Averee Martin, Hanna Wenger, Mikayla Loomis, and Alex Miller), recently launched a special event in Loveland. “Back Our Businesses” is scheduled to run March 1-7. This Back Our Businesses event will entail eating, shopping, and supporting Loveland all week long, in a COVID-friendly way. The main purpose is to drive our Loveland supporters to our downtown local businesses, to help them through the struggles of COVID. In turn, this will grow the community as a whole.

The Tigers Inc. group plan to promote this event through their own social media accounts, possible discounts, flyers, and interactive activities for our Loveland customers. They will be emphasizing how each one of us can do our part to support the businesses that hold Loveland together. This is an opportunity for everyone to give back.

The Tigers Inc. Marketing Cohort has been busy at work these past couple of weeks, meeting with about 30 businesses. They’ve sought the expertise of professionals, such as Cee Cee Collins, CEO of Little Miami River Chamber Alliance. They presented to the Loveland City Council members to create personalized marketing plans for each business to help promote their business in an easy and stress-free way.

Many of you may have seen their growing social media pages – their main platform for spreading the word about the “Back Our Businesses” event. The social media platforms is where you’ll find inside details on who the businesses are and what they offer.  Posts will also include incentives for our Loveland customers.  Keep an eye out for that! (Twitter: @LHSTigersInc, Instagram and Facebook: @TigersIncorporated)

Tigers Inc. Marketing Cohort has begun partnering some of these businesses with various local nonprofits in the Cincinnati area. This will serve as not only an opportunity for the businesses to rally support, but also a way to give back to our area at the same time. This “partnership” will be supporting the nonprofit throughout the week. Whether it’s grabbing takeout on Tuesday night for the family, stopping for a coffee, or visiting your favorite boutique, we can all make our own impact, March 1-7.