Nicole Pedicini accomplished the rare feat

By Julia Quigley, LHS Student Reporter

LOVELAND, OH (November 16, 2020) – Nicole Pedicini, junior at Loveland High School, received a perfect 36 on the ACT, the standardized test used by most U.S. colleges in the student admissions process.

Nicole Pedicini, LHS Junior scored a PERFECT 36 on ACT admissions exam (Courtesy Nicole Pedicini)

With a national average composite score of 21, and approximately a mere 0.3% of all ACT takers earning a perfect score, to call this a rare accomplishment would be an understatement. The good news surprised her.

“I was totally shocked,” said Pedicini. “I was really, really, really excited though. It’s definitely a highlight!”

In addition to the PreACT and plenty of practice tests, this was Pedicini’s second time taking the official ACT. She also participated in tutoring over the summer to study and prepare for the test. Her biggest tip for first-time test takers is to simply relax while taking the ACT.

“It’s super hard to concentrate on performing your best when you’re too nervous,” Pedicini said.  “It’s a fast test, too, so make sure to pace yourself. I always brought a watch so I could keep track of time.”



In recent years, there has been some debate over whether or not the ACT should be discontinued.  Some believe the test scores should not be taken into consideration while colleges are choosing students for admission. The controversy over the significance of the test in the college admissions process continues. It has only been accentuated by the coronavirus pandemic causing test opportunities to be cancelled for many students. An increasing number of colleges, including Ivy League schools and some other very high-ranking universities, have decided to go test-optional, or “test-blind,” for the next couple of years.

Pedicini and other top test takers, however, can select to have their scores considered in their college applications. Pedicini says she believes test scores should be considered by colleges; however the scores shouldn’t completely define a student.

“I think test scores should be taken into consideration during admission,” she said. “They’re an objective measure of comprehension and ability. However, they should definitely not be the only factor considered or the most important. There’s a lot more to an applicant than a number on a page, so I think it’s really important to get a more holistic view of a potential student.”

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Julia Quigley, LHS senior, student reporter (Provided)

Julia Quigley is a senior at Loveland High School and regular contributing student reporter for Loveland Beacon online news.

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