Seven Braves compete online at state level;

two place in top 15!

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications 

INDIAN HILL, OH (September 3, 2020) – Indian Hill High School (IHHS) congratulates the seven students who competed at the Just Write State Competition for competitive writing in May. 

Joy On was one of two IHHS Students who placed in TOP 15 ‘Just Write’ competition (Provided)

Two students, Joy On and Elsa Zhang, placed in the top 15 writers! Each will have stories featured in the Just Write anthology showcasing the best of the best from the competition.

“We are incredibly proud of all of our students who competed, and we want to send special congratulations to Joy and Elsa who were still in their freshmen year when they placed as top writers in the state!” –  Tom Millard, Indian Hill High School Teacher

The Just Write State Competition was restructured and held online. Student writers participated in three rounds, each 45 minutes long. For each round, writers were given a prompt and required to write in one of seven genres: Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Classic Horror/Gothic, Fantasy, and Narrative Nonfiction. The Indian Hill High School state competitors included: Callie Gibson, Julianne Lambert, Ricky Martin, Marianna Narita, Joy On, Samara Summers, and Elsa Zhang.

Elsa Zhou placed in the TOP 15 Writers in the ‘Just Write’ competition (Provided)



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