Braves to compete in March

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications

INDIAN HILL, OH (February 8, 2022) – The Indian Hill School District congratulates the 64 Indian Hill High School DECA students advancing to the DECA State Competition in March, following their performance during the DECA District Competition held at University of Cincinnati Clermont January 24-28.

Indian Hill High School congratulates the 64 students who will advance to the DECA State Competition following the DECA District Competition held at University of Cincinnati Clermont January 24-28. (Provided)

The Indian Hill High School students advancing to the state DECA competition include: Julianne Allspach, Marina Anderson, Milana Barrett, Cece Benza, Sanibel Betts, Drew Boylan, Nathan Bunkowske, Marley Cady, Elliot Caine, Berta Carol Jutgla, Bella Carson, Alexander Castellini, Hollis Chan, Sophia Chen, Bentley Dalton, William Dalton, Yvette Detweiler, Olivia Dowling, Emerson Evans, Mia Fiore, Ninah Foad, Hunter Gillan, Anya Govil, Caroline Grace, Sami Grenda, Jolyne Gunadi, Tyler Heekin, Nathan Heilbrunn, Wyatt Higgins, Gibson Holmes, Mairra Hussain, Piper Isgrig, 

Annie Isphording, Charlie Isphording, Vinya Ivaturi, Annie Joy, Lily Kahn, Maddie Kahn, Jackson Kaster, Ty Kendall, Lexi Larsen, Michelle Lindberg, Paige McMillan, Dhilan Minocha, Margot Paul, Tejas Pisati, Hannah Pollock, Paige Rabenold, Kunal Ranjan, Reese Rammacher, Ryan Rammacher, Pranav Rastogi, Skyler Robinson, Ella Santaiti, Maggie Schoeny, Peter Sheakley, Ashley Singer, McKenzie Stoddard, Preslava Tzvetanova, Arjun Velayutham, Ben Vigran, Rose Vigran, Elizabeth Whaley, Brandon Yang, and Joey Zang.

“Our students are reaching elite levels within DECA. This is an outstanding representation of what our marketing students at Indian Hill High School have the ability to achieve, and we are incredibly proud!” – Phil Said, Indian Hill High School/Great Oaks marketing teacher and DECA sponsor.

DECA District Awards January 2022 (Provided)

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