By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (July 21, 2020) – In Issue 32 of Steve Kovacs Fun with Maps feature he shakes it up

Steve Kovacs, author of Fun With Maps (Provided) 

Mother Nature Strikes

Earthquakes can be one of the most destructive forces our planet offers, especially near or under water, when giant waves or a tsunami will often follow.  

Just ask the Greeks living on Crete in 365 AD on this day, when a 8.0 magnitude earthquake shook their island.  It also sent a tsunami in all directions, destroying Alexandria in Egypt 400 miles away and many other sea-side cities in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

What other natural disasters do major harm? 

This 1592 map is by the prolific Dutch geographer and cartographer, Abraham Ortelius.  The map shows the important Mediterranean islands of the day, with Crete on the bottom of the map. 

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This 1592 map of important Mediterranean Islands is by the prolific Dutch geographer and cartographer, Abraham Ortelius. (Credit Steve Kovacs)