Fitness Over 40: Stop in and learn how you can do it

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (June 3, 2022) –Full Spectrum Fitness is no ordinary gym, or fitness club. Owner and personal trainer Mike Shannon and his staff of trainers have a unique approach to showing you “It’s never too late” for personal fitness.

Equipment in the Turf Room at Full Spectrum Fitness gym (Chuck Gibson)

Full Spectrum Fitness is holding a public “Open House” Wednesday, June 8, 6-8:00 p.m. for everyone to stop in and see for themselves how it is never too late to reach your personal fitness goals. Shannon has more than 30 years in the fitness industry including working as a personal trainer to individual client athletes. He has been in business in Loveland at the current 467 Wards Corner Road gym for over 10 years. The open house will feature him and his staff of certified trainers/health coaches meeting you one-on-one.

“There will be on the spot consultations,” said Shannon. “We’ll be able to assess people right away. We’re going to have raffles, and I’ll have a Division I Volleyball Player in doing some demos.”

Shannon says they’ll have some classes set up for demonstrations. There will be samples of some of the fitness products they offer. Visitors will be able to see, and even be part of, sample workouts for fat loss and for rehabilitation. Staff trainers Rachel and Michael along with trainer Ana Infantino will join owner Mike Shannon to meet the public during the Open House session. Yes, it is free to the public. All you have to do is show up and check it out.

Mike Shannon, owner/tainer Full Spectrum Fitness with Ana Infnatino, trainer. (Chuck Gibson)

“A bunch of my clients will be here to help out,” Shannon said. “They’ve been helping with all this.”

All this includes two separate building spaces across the parking lot from one another. One building is the turf room filled with all kinds of unique equipment used for agility, speed, and strength drills. It includes a very unique “pop-a-shot” system where the user is popping shots with 7 pound balls while in a somewhat reclined sitting position. Shannon did an impressive demonstration of how it’s done and described the benefit to developing core fitness and strength. The other building is filled with familiar fitness machines and free weights providing a variety of workout choices for cardio fitness, endurance, core strength and just fitness to meet your fitness goals. That’s his focus: your fitness goals, whoever you may be and wherever you may be in life.

“As we get older, we start to have all kinds of issues and limitations,” Shannon, who is over 50, explained. “One of the things we do best here is work around those injuries and limitations. I’ve learned we can train just as hard as we did in our 20’s, we just have to train smarter.”

He calls it “instinctive” training. It begins with a simple question as soon as a client comes in for a session. Shannon asks: how are you feeling today? Their answer guides the workout. If the plan was for an upper body workout, but the client is experiencing sore elbows, they’ll adjust. He’s had people with hip replacements come in and was able to help them get nearly a “full” workout.

“We had a partially paralyzed woman come in; we got real creative with her,” said Shannon. “It’s just a matter of learning to train through these injuries. It’s a matter of consistency.”

Mike Shannon demonstrates the unique po-a-shot with 7lb. balls. (Chuck Gibson)

Like Shannon, fitness trainer Ana Infantino admits to being closer to 50 than 40 years old. Both know, even diet changes with age. Neither calls the clients old, but rather refer to this over 40 age focus as more seasoned time of life. They say having a “cheat meal” is not a reason to skip a training session. In fact, it is a reason to stay consistent with your exercise/workout routine. How do you stay motivated?

“I think the big trick is getting some investment; you gotta get some skin in the game,” Shannon said. “If I can get people doing it for two weeks, it makes it a lot tougher for them to cheat. They’ve got two weeks of hard work and consistency and they could throw it all away in one weekend.”

Shannon offered the example of cheating over one weekend, gaining back the three pounds lost and learning it ends up taking two weeks to get back to where you were. It is a unique and special community of clients at Full Spectrum Fitness. He already mentioned how they have pitched in to help organize the Open House coming Wednesday. They are there for each other too.

“We have a really strong community,” he said. “Everybody is cheering everybody else on and holding everybody accountable. There are a few ‘gym bullies’ in here that encourage people to show up.”

Wow! That may sound intimidating. Infantino immediately added the words: “in the nicest way possible”. She explained what that means at Full Spectrum Fitness.

“It’s like they say: it’s so good to see you, I haven’t seen you in a couple days,” said Infantino. “You’re like, oh, you noticed. Then you’re going to come back.”

All kinds of fitness macines ready for you at Full Spectrum Fitness (Chuck Gibson)

Family is the word Shannon and Infantino used to describe the community of people who train at Full Spectrum Fitness. They have groups of people that come in on specific days and times simply because they love to train together. That is certainly different than the “gym bullies” which might come to mind when you hear that term. Not bullies, family.

“Absolutely, family,” Shannon said. “Everybody is my friend here. There is some amazing stuff happening here.

Mike Shannon is the owner, Ana Infantino is one of the trainers, the other staff and group of clients are all like family. Now, you’re invited to come out and meet the Full Spectrum Fitness Family.

Full Spectrum Fitness presents: Public Open House

  • Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2022
  • Time: 6-8:00 p.m.
  • Where: Full Spectrum Fitness gym at 467 Wards Corner Road, Loveland, OH 45140

Fitness Over 40? It’s never too late!

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