Loveland Realtor and family shared a giving heart

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (December 17, 2020)  – During this season of giving, the Brittney Frietch Team (RE/MAX Preferred Group) Realtor delivered 100 sandwiches to Our Daily Bread (ODB) Soup Kitchen and Social Center in Cincinnati.

Malea & Ashlynn Frietch helped prepare and deliver 100 sandwiches to Our Daily Bread (Provided)

Frietch says looking out for others is simply a way of doing business, caring for her clients, helping others to meet their needs. As a realtor, that usually equates to helping a family find a home that meets their living needs, if not their dreams. It also means helping a family find a buyer for the house they once called home. The “Frietch Team” loves making those connections every day all year long as a realtor. Especially at this time of year: Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is coming, it is the Holiday Season, she wants to look out for others in need.

“This time of year, we always want to look for ways to give back,” said Brittney. “There are people who cannot have Thanksgiving dinner, cannot feed themselves; Christmas is coming. There are people who can’t give gifts.”

With the pandemic, Frietch recognized the need is greater than ever before. She knows there is a year-round need at ODB in Cincinnati. Our Daily Bread is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of Cincinnati residents and those who frequent the area. They strive to ensure that every person in the Greater Cincinnati community has sufficient access to food, essential social services and a safe place of belonging. This is the first time Frietch reached out to help ODB.

Team Frietch – Malea & Ashlynn seal up some of the 100 PB&J sandwiches they made for delivery to ODB (Provided)

“This was just kind of put on my heart because of the time,” Brittney explained. “I definitely want to instill a servant’s heart into my kids.”

Kids and adults alike are in a mental space that is not typical due to COVID, social distancing and wearing masks. Frietch thought of making and delivering sandwiches to ODB as a way to add some perspective to the situation. Having a servant’s heart, thinking of other people, giving back to them can help raise your own spirits. At least that’s what Brittney was thinking when she enlisted her family – Team Frietch – including her daughters Malea and Ashlynn to deliver sandwiches to Our Daily Bread.

“It helped our team and our family more than it helped the people we made the sandwiches for,” said Brittney, reflecting on the impact it had on them. “This was really taking a step back and asking ourselves: what are we complaining about right now?”

Brittney found the experience to be very humbling. The people they met there showed incredible gratitude. Sandwiches are provided with every hot meal so that those in need can have something to eat later in the day. The Frietch Team went down to ODB together and delivered the sandwiches.

Malea & Ashlynn Frietch spead more than just peanut butter & jelly when they delivered sandwiches to people in need at Our Daily Bread recently (Provided)

“It was a very, very humbling experience to see how many people were in line and thanking us profusely for something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” Brittney said.

While reflecting on the experience, Frietch acknowledged the notion we are all busy. We all feel pulled in too many different directions. At the same time, we’re not as busy; not being pulled in as many directions because COVID has shut down many of those activities that grab our attention and steal away our time.

“What better way to re-center yourself and get some perspective, than to give,” Brittney pondered aloud. “Take some of that time we now have at home and do something for somebody else. It makes you realize life is pretty grand where you’re standing.”

Ready for Santa and the kids at Frietch Team office this Satruday, December 19, 2020 (Provided)

The Frietch Team keeps on giving this Saturday, December 19, when they host photos with Santa Claus for the kids.

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To get involved and help those in our community who are hungry, CLICK HERE. You are able to not only make sandwiches, but donate food and money to Our Daily Bread.

Our Daily Bread – Soup Kitchen & Social Center

1730 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Phone: 513-621-6364


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