. . . and Santa Claus made his first Loveland stop this Christmas

 By Chuck Gibson 

Santa Claus came bearing gifts for all the girls and boys at his first Loveland stop this Christmas season. St. Columban Parish Hall was filled with anticipation and excitement Friday evening December 6, as children and parents waited for the guest of honor at the annual Knights of Columbus Christmas party.

It was the perfect gathering to close out the day upon which the church celebrates “The Feast of St. Nicholas”.

“It’s a special night because today is actually the Feast of St. Nick,” said Rev. Larry Tensi, St. Columban Church pastor. “How great to have the kids here to see Santa on this great feast day.”

Mrs. Claus was first to enter the room greeting the children with waves and hugs along the way. With bright smiles and wide eyes the children listened as she read ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’ to them. Then all their faces turned as they heard “Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas” from Santa Claus as his red sleigh steered into the room. It was the moment all the kids were waiting for. Like so many other families there, the Tricase family children, Jameson, Emilyn, and Adeline knew the reason they were there.

“I’m here to see Santa Claus,” said Emilyn who will turn five in early 2020.

Make no mistake; Santa Claus’ arrival was greeted with a loud cheer. Jolly old St. Nick made his way to the seat next to Mrs. Claus and began talking with the excited girls and boys. Before long, each and every one had the chance to sit with Santa. He gave every boy and girl a gift of their own.

“The biggest crowd we’ve ever had,” said Phil Wentzel, a past Grand Knight of the St. Columban Council of the Knights of Columbus. “Our council continues to grow. We keep getting younger and younger with more families.”

Santa and Mrs. Claus’ arrival at St. Columban brings joy to more than just the girls and boys. You can see the smiles on the face of every adult during the annual K of C Christmas party. It is one event of many throughout the year for the Knights and their families to enjoy together.

“We love Santa and Mrs. Claus,” Wentzel said. “For us this is the party of the year. It is an opportunity for everyone to get together to celebrate what we do all year long. We celebrate and spend time with the kids. We’re a family council.  This is the highlight of the year.”

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Photo caption: St. Columban kids and families enjoyed the annual Knights of Columbus Christmas party with Santa and Mrs. Claus at St. Columban Church Friday, December 6, 2019.  (Photo credit: Chuck Gibson)