Next rally planned for Saturday, August 22, will advocate for in-person voting and against any facial mask mandate

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH  (August 14, 2020) – Free Ohio Now organizer Deb Giehl is planning the next Warren County rally for the group on Saturday, August 22, 11 a.m. at the intersection of Montgomery Road (U.S. 22/3) and Columbia Rd. 

Planned rally to advocate for full in-person voting November 3 (File)

In their press release sent out earlier this week, the Free Ohio Now group announced they are organizing rallies to be held all around Ohio Saturday, August 22, to support “Free & Fair Elections” on November 3.  The group says our fundamental right of a fair and free electoral process is at stake. They say, even now in the midst of medical concerns, division and disagreement, there remains “broad support” for voting to be held in-person to ensure a fair and free election. Tom Hach, a core team member of Free Ohio Now commented on the importance of our civic duty of voting. 


“At this time of significant dissent on the future course of our country, it is critical everything possible be done to give all people confidence and faith the November 3, 2020, election will be conducted fairly and that the final results can be trusted, even by those who do not win,” said Hach. “An essential piece in building the faith will be conducting IN-PERSON VOTING.  To support the unifying goal of a free and fair election, Free Ohio Now will be working to recruit as many people as possible to operate the polls on Election Day to enable in-person voting.”

Free Ohio Now actively rallied for the reopening of Ohio businesses during quarantine (FILE)

Just as Free Ohio Now protested the quarantine and rallied for reopening Ohio earlier this year, they now protest mail-in ballots and shout a rally cry for in-person voting. In their press release they claim there are many issues with mail-in balloting. Higher rejection rates due to unsigned or late ballots, failure to get ballots to correct address, and effective processing of a high volume of ballots are all issues cited by Free Ohio Now as problems.



On the other hand, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose says about 35,000 people are needed to work the polls for in-person voting. Free Ohio Now points out that number is less than 1% of the 11.6 million population of Ohio. They also note poll worker is not a volunteer position, but a position that pays $135 for the individual’s effort. The organization says there is simply too much at stake in the November 3, 2020 election for Ohio not to offer the option of voting in person. 

Deb Giehl, Warren County Rally Organizer, Free Ohio Now (FILE) 

“I have just now started the process of organizing this rally,” said Giehl, who is organizing the Warren County rally. “I will be holding it, once again, at the busy intersection of Montgomery Rd (US 22-3) and Columbia Rd. near Shell / BP gas stations, the Goodwill donation center, and CVS pharmacy on the corners.  Plenty of parking is available in the CVS parking lot.”

Free Ohio Now rallies planned for Saturday, August 22, all around Ohio will also be in opposition to any mandate for wearing facial masks. The group points to statements from CDC and the Surgeon General that wearing masks is not effective in preventing a virus which has already infected large numbers of people. As further evidence in the argument against a mandate for wearing facial masks, the group cited a New England Journal of Medicine article which clearly states masks are of little use in typical public settings.

to Instead of focusing on a broad mandate for wearing facial masks, the group believes there should be a focus on a mandate for those identified as most vulnerable; over 70 with at least one health condition.

Free Ohio Now is asking all participants in the RALLY AROUND OHIO gatherings use their personal discretion in adhering to recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines. It is especially important for those who may be at high-risk.

The Warren County Rally is planned for 11 a.m. at the intersection of Montgomery Rd (US 22.3) & Columbia Rd.