Loveland Farmer’s Market celebrated opening day 2020 with pick-up only Tuesday, May 5

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (May 5, 2020) – Loveland Farmer’s Market officially opened the 2020 season with a different look due to COVID-19 restrictions. Volunteers and vendors wore masks, and patrons had to pre-order and prepay for pick-up only, but cars lined-up early and rolled in regularly for the 3-6:30 p.m. opening day.

Tuesday May 5, was opening day for Loveland Farmer’s Market 2020 (Chuck Gibson) 

Peggy Goodwin, Volunteer and a Loveland Farmer’s Market manager greeted each car as they pulled into the market lot between Eads Loveland Hardware and Loveland Canoe & Kayak. There was a friendly smile in her eyes as she directed customers to pull forward into the market area to pick up their order.

“Some people are only picking up from one or two vendors so we have an express lane through there,” said Goodwin. “It’s going remarkably well.”

Peggy Goodwin directed customers to drive-thru at Farmer’s Market (Chuck Gibson)

Due to the coronavirus, Goodwin says the Loveland Farmer’s Market is operating only pre-order and prepay. There is no walking around and browsing. Customers place their order online and vendor’s prepackage them for the market day pick-up. Tuesday, May 5, marked the first day for the 2020 season and the new procedure.

“People are just coming in and picking up their orders,” Goodwin explained. “The vendor’s have them packaged with the customer’s name on them. They drive in and either have their window down, or their trunk open”

Vendor’s were set up to deliver the prepackaged orders (Chuck Gibson)

Everything is no touch. Customers drive through and vendors place the package in their vehicle.

“Unfortunately we can’t have people just out walking around like they normally would at the market,” said Goodwin. “This is the next best thing. So many of our customers from prior years, you recognize them, they recognize you. It is so good to see everybody.”