Important time for a YES Vote for Loveland Schools

By Joanne Prater, Loveland resident

LOVELAND, OH (November 7, 2022) –  It’s voting time, and it’s ever so important that you vote yes for the Loveland School Levy.

Joanne Prater – Loveland resident and Loveland School Parent (Photo courtesy Joanne Prater)

Everyone benefits when our schools are fully funded. Well-educated communities enjoy higher property values, stronger economies, and a closer-knit fellowship.

Even if you send your children to private school, you’ll benefit if you vote yes.

A vote yes will bring back high school bussing, which includes bussing to private schools.

A vote yes will bring in additional tax dollars to go to support private schools.

And even if your child doesn’t attend public schools, their friends often do… which contributes to healthier and happier friends for your children.

Conversely, a vote no will see the continued end to high school bussing, children will have to find a new way to school, whether that be walking in the dark or parents being late for work.

And a vote of no will see to a damaged public school system that must fire up to 50 educators. These are people who live in our community, who will be forced out of jobs and perhaps homes. That in turn harms our community. 

Loveland is stronger with a supported and well-funded school system.

Don’t let the No folks fool you. They’ll vote no on every levy no matter what the compromise, they simply don’t believe in contributing to this community. They only care about themselves.

This voting season, please choose to support all the children of Loveland. Support the teachers of our great schools. Vote yes to keep our community strong.

Vote yes.

NOTE: Joanne Prater is a resident of Loveland and parent of Loveland School students.

She previously worked for LCSD, but currently works for a private local firm. 

Loveland Supports Loveland sign supporting the LCSD levy at major intersection on Loveland-Madeira Road (Chuck Gibson)