Close to $11K raised at September 11, cocktail and dinner party

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (September 21, 2021) – There was red everywhere at the sellout full house Dinner en Rouge cocktail and dinner party at Loveland Landing Event Center Saturday, September 11.

Some of the guests at the sold out Dinner en Rouge event SAturday, September 11, in Loveland, OH (Provided)

In a perfect world, the event would have happened back in February, (kind of the month for wearing red) but COVID rules sort of put the kibosh on that. One of the event organizers, Laura Padgett explained that was the reason the event had to be moved to September 11.  Despite the many events happening all around Loveland on that 20th Anniversary Memorial of September 11, 2001, the event benefitting the Loveland Legacy Foundation sold out.

“We were full. We were sold out,” said Padgett. “It was a very fun evening. I think if was very successful; lots of fun. People who attended were very generous.”

Padgett said the event raised $11,000 for the Loveland Legacy Foundation. People were able to donate electronically while at their tables and showed great generosity. The evening included opportunities to bid on auction baskets. People all dressed in red coming together on a perfect evening to mingle on the patio alongside the river was simply a wonderful setting for old friends and new to gather together for a cause.

A sea of red filled the main area of Loveland Landing Event Center during the Dinner en Rouge (Provided)

“Everybody dressed in red, being together, all of us Loveland people being together and having fun knowing it was for a great cause, that’s what made the whole evening so good,” Padgett said. “Everybody seemed like they were just happy to be there. They seemed disappointed when the evening ended. They didn’t want to go home yet. It was fun.”

The evening began with a cocktail party setting on the patio at the Landing with everyone just mixing and mingling. 

Then they walked into the main area of the Landing beautifully decorated all in red where they enjoyed great food catered by Tano’s with The Landing Event Center just bringing it all together for guests to enjoy.

When you have a good food, drinks and great people, it always makes a great event,” said Padgett.

Carolyn and John Hauger, Carolyn was winner of “Grand Prix de la Robe Rouge (best red outfit) (Photo courtesy Kay Bolin)

People wearing red was not just a theme. There was a specially designed “Red Basket” awarded to the person selected as wearing the best red outfit. That honor went to Carolyn Hauger. Kay Bolin admired the red hat worn by Hauger as the best for the evening. Bolin joined in red by her husband Tim O’Grady and friends enjoyed the social gathering.

“It was fabulous,” said Bolin who also attended the event two years ago. “It was definitely different; a different ambience versus being in a tent compared to the Loveland Landing. It was done beautifully. It was just delightful.”

Starting outside on the patio with people meeting new people and seeing friends again was great fun for Bolin. She raved about the dinner with several different food choices set up. The red, formal “dress-up” red caught her attention, but something else stood out during the evening.

The “Red Basket” won by Carolyn Hauger (Provided)

The table of Kay Bolin- l-r Ray Buckler, Maureen Donahue, Pat Furterer, Kathy Lorenz, Paul Elliott, Kay Bolin (not shown -K Buckler, Tim O’Grady, Becky and Gary Giver (Courtesy Kay Bolin)

Tim O’Grady and Kay Bolin headed out to Dinner en Rouge (Courtesy Kay Bolin)

“I think the energy coming from the attendees there,” Bolin said describing what stood out most about the evening. “The energy was just unsurpassed. Everybody was just high on the event and the purpose of the event supporting Loveland. This was just energy on steroids or something.”

When all is said and done, that’s what it was all about. Supporting Loveland. It is the mission of the Loveland Legacy Foundation. A evening filled with good fun, good food, some drinks and good people set up an atmosphere for generous giving.

“We just really appreciate everybody who attended,” said Padgett. “We want to say thank you for their generosity.”

The Ladies in Red l-r Laura Padgett, Stephanie Quehl, Colleen Leonard, Lisa Hensler, Sally Kurz and Cee Cee Collins at the Dinner en Rouge Saturday, 9/11 in Loveland, OH (Provided)

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