By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (May 18, 2021) – In Issue 2021-95 of Steve Kovacs Fun with Maps, we learn about the deadly eruption of a volcano.  


And then it erupted with vengeance.  Killing the most people, 57, by a volcanic eruption in recorded US history.

Located in the Cascade Range in southwest Washington, Mount St. Helens blew its top in 1980 on this day.

I do have proof of its lava and ash flow in a form of a small souvenir bottle full of ash that a friend gave me after his travels to Portland years ago.  Some others have claimed that the ash came from a fireplace.  Oh well…

Here is a 1911 map of Washington State with color-coded counties, created by Rand McNally.

Map of Washington state from 1911 (Credit Steve Kovacs)

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