Facilities assessment process that began September 2018 remains on schedule; Finance Committee to consider recommendations and apply financial lens to District needs.

News Release: Indian Hill Schools, October 16, 2019

After a year of extensive review, research, and analyses, the Indian Hill School District’s community-based Facilities Steering Committee presented the Board of Education with four options to address needs for school facilities within the Indian Hill School District. The Facilities Steering Committee, a subcommittee of the overarching Facilities Assessment Task Force that began in September of 2018, convened regularly through the end of September 2019 to develop the detailed analysis of capital needs at all District school buildings and facilities.

“This group of dedicated professionals comprised of community members, parents, and staff members, were diligent in their vision of keeping students at the core of all decisions, and protecting the excellence that is uniquely Indian Hill,” said Indian Hill Superintendent Kirk Koennecke. “We thank them for the time they invested to help us Build a Brave Future for our students.”

The committee chairs presented findings on behalf of the full committee, and agreed and noted that of most critical concern are the needs facing Indian Hill Middle School. In all options presented, the committee recommended replacing Indian Hill Middle School. Additionally, the committee noted that critical needs do not end there, and that the District has done a good job of holding off the need until now through excellent maintenance and upkeep.

“We are very appreciative to the committee for their time and work on this important project,” said Indian Hill Board of Education President Kim Martin Lewis.

Following the October 15 presentation, Board of Education members will take the Facilities Steering Committee recommendations into consideration. Additionally, Treasurer Mick Davis has convened a Finance Committee to review school funding processes and capital/operating funding options. The Finance Committee is now tasked with placing millage amounts to the facilities options and pairing them with the District’s needs on the operating side. The District’s last voter-approved operating issue was passed more than 25 years ago, and the District is approaching on a need for additional dollars.

“In addition to having to absorb funding cuts and inflationary cost increases, the District is diverting funds from the operating budget to pay for needed building improvements and emergency repairs; this model is unstainable with the updates our facilities need,” said Indian Hill Treasurer Mick Davis. “We appreciate the work of both District committees, and we will stay on task with our Finance Committee to consider the recommendation of our Facilities Steering Committee.”

The Finance Committee is expected to complete their work in early 2020 for Board consideration.

“No action has been taken, and the Board of Education will consider all findings by both committees before any decisions are made,” said Superintendent Koennecke. “We will continue to keep the community updated on progress.”

Click here to see a summary of needs and the recommendation of the Facilities Steering Committee as presented to the Indian Hill Board of Education. Click here to see the Facilities Assessment process on the District website.

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Photo caption: Members of the Indian Hill School District Facilities Steering Committee presented findings to the Board of Education during the October 15 Board meeting.