Loveland responds to recent storms

City of Loveland – Krista Rose

LOVELAND, OH (June 16, 2022) – In response to the storms this week, the city’s Public Works Department will be conducting a brush pick-up beginning Monday June 20, 2022.

Putting out your storm debris for city pick up (Provided)

In an effort to help expedite the process, please have the brush at the curb by Monday morning.  Public Works will be making one pass through the city.


The following “Standard brush guidelines” will apply: 

  • Brush must be placed at the curb or edge of roadway. Do not place brush in the roadway, gutter, ditches, or on sidewalks. 
  • Do not block fire hydrants.
  • Limbs cannot exceed 10 inches in diameter at the cut section.
  • Limbs should be placed at the curb with the cut section facing the street and all limbs should be facing the same direction. This makes it easier and faster to handle.
  • No leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, bamboo, ornamental grass, or other yard waste will be collected.
  • Small twigs and sticks should be bundled with twine in bundles 12 inches in diameter. Twigs or sticks can also be placed in a container at the curb, but no other yard waste should be in the containers. No loose piles of sticks and debris, please.