Loveland City Council will collect public feedback

thru November 9

By Chuck Gibson (Edited from city Press Release) 

LOVELAND, OH (October 12, 2021) – The City of Loveland today extended an invitation to the public from Loveland City Council to provide feedback on the on-going parking meter pilot program in Downtown Loveland.  

One of the single-space on-street parking meters located on Karl Brown Way in Loveland, Ohio (Chuck Gibson)

In the press release issued early Tuesday, the City announced they are asking for the public to “share your parking experience with the parking meter pilot program” via an online survey. The survey also asks for public thoughts on parking availability in Downtown Loveland. 

The survey will be available to the public online Oct. 12-Nov. 9. It is hosted by Survey Monkey and FREE to the public by clicking on the following link: The city will share the survey link on their website, social media channels, monthly e-newsletter, and in a flyer available at City Hall.


  • The pilot began May 19, 2021, in partnership with meter equipment provider, IPSGroup, Inc., and mobile app provider, ParkMobile.
  • The pilot involved less than 10% of the city’s 535 downtown parking spots:
  • 13 on-street spaces and 42 lot spaces were part of the pilot.
  • 480 spots remained free.

Parking Meter Kiosk part of trial in Historic Downtown Loveland (Chuck Gibson)

The city is currently evaluating the effectivenes of the pilot. City Council has already received observations and program data from the Loveland Police Department. Through this survey, Council is seeking to to collect feedback about the parking technology used, how parking experience(s) went, and the general feeling of the publi about the Downtown Loveland area. Council will review the survey feedback during their Nov. 23 meeting.

To view fact sheets and more information about the pilot program, please visit

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