Loveland Upgrading Traffic Signals

for Fire & Police First Responders

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (April 7, 2021) – The City of Loveland installed five (5) of the upgraded traffic signals during the last two years. They’ll add four upgraded signals to assist Fire and Police vehicles during 2021. 

The upgrade plan means outfitting traffic signals with GPS technology allowing for improved response time for fire, emergency vehicles and police to reduce potential accidents in intersections. 

The GPS units installed in traffic signal control boxes anticipate approaching emergency vehicles and allow them to preempt – interrupt – the signal to receive a green light. The GPS preemptive units detect the emergency vehicles with in-vehicle units as they approach.

“Given the success of the units and the evidence of their reduction in both response times and intersection crashes, the city expanded the program into a four-year plan,” explained David Kennedy, Loveland City Manager.

The five (5) units previously installed during the last two years are located at: West Loveland and Karl Brown; West Loveland and Second Street; Second Street at Five Points; West Loveland Avenue and Loveland Madeira Road; and State Route 48 and Loveland-Miamiville Road.

Plans are to install four (4) more units during 2021 at the following locations: Lebanon Road and Pheasant Hills; Lebanon Road and West Loveland Avenue; Loveland Madeira Road and Highridge Drive; and West Loveland Avenue and Rich Road.

In-vehicle equipment has already been installed in three vehicles from Station 63 in Downtown Loveland. Three vehicles stationed at the Loveland Safety Center will be equipped with the GPS units in 2021. Police vehicles will begin receiving the kits during 2022. Going forward the kits will be standard equipment. 

“Traffic preemption is the most cost-effective investment a community can make that improves response times, while safeguarding the motoring public and the safety of our firefighters,” said Chief Otto Huber of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department.

The GPS technology is developed by Opticom, a partner of Global Traffic Technologies, and installed by Capital Electric. Loveland City Council approved the city’s total 2021 project cost of $44,856.

 CLICK HERE to visit City of Loveland online (NOTE: Information for this story was provided by the City of Loveland Communications – Krista Rose.)