Milford students were scheduled to begin Monday, August, 24, but return has been delayed to Monday, August 31, 2020

By Chuck Gibson 

MILFORD, OH (August 21, 2020) – In a message released earlier this afternoon, Friday, August 21, Milford Exempted Village School District (MEVSD) Superintendent, John Spieser announced the beginning of the school year for students has been moved back one week from Monday, August 24, to Monday, August 31. 

John Spieser, Superintendent, Milford Schools (MEVSD) Provided)

In his effort to honor a commitment to full transparency, Milford Schools Superintendent, John Spieser announced today a need to delay the start of the school year for one week. In his message to MEVSD families, he acknowledged the inconvenience the delayed start will cause for families. Spieser tempered the inconvenience with the message “it is the right thing to do” under the current circumstances adjusting in-person and Eagle online learning due to the challenging many unknowns of Covid-19. There are things the school thought would “come together” in time for the Monday, August 24, start, but simply did not. The extra week before the start will be helpful to staff in their preparation for the new school year.  

Milford High School electronic sign delivers the message it is “All for Them” meaning doing the right thing for the students. (Chuck Gibson)

Spieser is hopeful the extra week will give them more time to finalize student schedules. Elementary children, both for In-Person and Eagle Online, received their teacher assignments this week. Junior High and High School students, both for In-Person and Eagle Online, will receive their schedules this weekend.

The extra week will also allow the MEVSD Transportation Department time to finalize routes.

Spieser’s online message highlighted an important detail for Milford Schools families regarding requests to switch from commitments to in-person to attending online. While some requests were already granted, they impacted student schedules and teacher assignments significantly. As a result, no more switches from in-person to online can be accomodated until September 14. 

The one week delay will not impact extra-curricular or athletics; those will continue as scheduled. 

Spieser closed his online message with a promise to communicate more during the next week. He also urged everyone to “please be safe, wear a mask, social distance, and practice good hand washing hygiene.” He wrote: “We will continue to work together for our greater Milford school community.” 

Here is the link to his online video message to the Milford Schools community.

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