GUEST COLUMN; By Indian Hill School District Director of Pupil Services Erica Leppert

INDIAN HILL, OHIO (April 6, 2020) – As we begin the second week of distance learning within the Indian Hill School District, our lives look much different than they did a few short weeks ago.

Erica Leppert, Director Pupil Services, Inidan Hill Schools (Provided) 

Busy family schedules have been replaced with managing work, school, and everyday life all within the walls of our homes. Some of us have had to cancel vacations, weddings, other major life events, and maybe there are more cancellations to come. The words we’ve heard over and over in the past few weeks, “unprecedented,” “uncertain,” “uncharted,” do little to offer any comfort. We’ve probably all experienced a heightened level of stress since school has been closed.

Know this: You are not alone!   

It is understandable that our children are also beginning to feel stress related to the changes to their daily routines. Your child may be missing time with their friends and teachers, attending sports practices or other extracurricular activities, and seeing grandparents or other family members.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has some tips for parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Limit your family’s exposure to news coverage of coronavirus, including social media. Talk to your children about their feelings and let them know it’s okay to feel scared or upset by what they are hearing. Share your own coping strategies with them so they can learn from you.
  2. Talk to your child about how COVID-19 has impacted your family’s life. Be honest and share facts that are appropriate for their age and developmental level.
  3. Try to maintain regular routines. Create a daily schedule for your family to follow.
  4. Talk to your child about things they can control in order to stay healthy, like washing their hands, practicing social distancing, exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating well.
  5. Engage in your own self-care to model healthy practices for your child. You might exercise, practice yoga, meditate, read a book, or engage in some other hobby.   

Indian Hill remains committed to continuing to provide support for all of our #BRAVEminds even though our buildings are physically closed. Your child’s school counselor is available via phone, email, or videoconferencing to provide support. The counseling team has also created a resource guide ( curated especially for our Braves and their families to use during the closure. 

Many will feel a sense of loss, hopelessness, or isolation during this time. Seek help for yourself or your loved ones if needed.

Crisis Text line-A free, 24/7 text line for people in crisis at any time.

  • You text 741741 when in crisis. Available 24/7 in the USA.
  • A live, trained crisis counselor receives the text and responds quickly.

Local Crisis Line:

  • Call 513-281-CARE (2273) or
  • Text TALBERT to 839863 for help.

Emergency phone lines are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, offering crisis intervention, information, and referral services.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center 24HR Psychiatric Hotline 

Remember: Kids First, Content Second,

Erica Leppert
Director of Pupil Services, Indian Hill School District