Gerry Cooley with “Raised on Songs & Stories” from the studio of NEAR FM 90.3 in Dublin

By Chuck Gibson (With Gerry Cooley from Dublin, Ireland)

LOVELAND, OH (January 3, 2024) – I met Gerry Cooley in Dublin during a tour of Ireland with my wife Sue in August of 2018.

Gerry Cooley with my wife, Susan Gibson during our visit to Guinness in Dublin, Ireland 2018 (Chuck Gibson)

Gerry Cooley was our tour guide for two days in Dublin. We made fast friends. He is so much more than a “tour guide”.  I have come to call him the Mayor of Turnapin Lane (where he grew up), and Ambassador of Dublin. My fine Irish friend has more than earned those titles, but he also has earned the title of author/illustrator for the book “Turn at the Pine Trees” written and illustrated by Gerry Cooley himself. It is a great story of the adventures of his youth growing up on Turnapin Lane in Ireland. My Irish roots – both my Nana and Grandpa on my Dad’s side came to the States from Ireland – and my storytelling gave us an instant connection.

Gerry is also an accomplished musician, storyteller, radio host, and has done some film acting. He has become a great friend and connection to Ireland for me over these last five years encouraging me to write a book, share the stories of our community and keep our history alive.

“If nobody tells the stories, our history is lost.” – Gerry Cooley.

Gerry Cooley keeps history alive with Raised on Songs & Stories

every Wednesday afternoon on NEAR FM 90.3 in Dublin, Ireland.

Gerry Cooley – The author at the bookstore where his “Turn at the Pines” has been flying off the shelves (Provided)

Through our continued online and messaging friendship, I sent Gerry a copy of the poem “A Christmas Story” which I wrote several years ago for my grandchildren. In response, he challenged me to record it for him to play on his show – he says promised me. I accepted the challenge and today, with a little “embroidery” as they say there in Dublin, my reading of A Christmas Story aired live on his “Raised on Songs & Stories” show. You can listen to the entire show (30 minutes) right here. It would be a shame for you to do less, but if you just want to check out “A Christmas Story” as read by me and produced by Gerry Cooley, go to about the 24 minute mark and listen from there. Hope you enjoy hearing my fine Irish Friend, the Mayor of Turnapin Lane and Ambassador of Dublin, Ireland, Mr. Gerry Cooley.




(NOTE: Run time is approximately 30:00 minutes)

Gerry Cooley, – Mayor of Turnapin Lane and Ambassador of Dublin, Ireland – at the mic for “Raised on Songs & Stories” (Provided)

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