By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (June 24, 2020) – In Issue 12 of Steve Kovacs: Fun with Maps feature, he tells us the Inca’s began celebrating the sun a long time ago. Read on. . .

Steve Kovacs, Loveland resident and antique map collector (Provided)

The Inca’s Festival of the Sun is Today

The first Inti Raymi-rata, or Festival of the Sun, was held in 1412 in Cusco, the Inca capital, in today’s Peru.  It is a traditional religious ceremony of the Inca Empire, in honor of the god Inti (Sun).    The celebrations were also meant to symbolize the mythical origins of the Inca people and to ensure a good harvest.  It coincides with the Inca’s new year in the southern hemisphere. The Inca Empire occupied much of the Andes from Equator, Peru, Bolivia to parts of today’s Chile. 

This Colton map from 1855 shows Peru and Bolivia.  

Steve Kovacs and his wife Theresa reside in Loveland, Ohio where they raised their two children. He is a passionate collector of antique maps.

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Peru & Bolivia – 1855 (Credit Steve Kovacs)