Loveland Tiger Basketball teamed up

with a 3’s For LIFE canned food drive

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (March 2, 2022) –Tigers Inc,, Jarvis Global and the LHS Tiger Basketball teamed up in a 3″s for LIFE canned food donation campaign to fill the shelves at Loveland InterFaith Effort (LIFE) Food Pantry. 

A LIFE Food Pantry volunteer stocks the shelves with some of the 2,000+ canned food donations from 3’s For LIFE campaign (Provided)

The 3-point basket took on a whole new meaning for the Loveland Tigers basketball teams this season. The “3’s For LIFE” canned food drive taking place at Tiger home games all season collected well over 2,000 canned goods to help fill the shelves of the Loveland InterFaith Effort (LIFE) Food Pantry. Today, Wednesday, March 2, 2022, Tigers Inc, LHS students, Art Jarvis of sponsor Jarvis Global Investments, and Loveland Schools Superintendent Mike Broadwater delivered the goods at LIFE Food Pantry.

“It went great. We delivered over 2,200 items.” – Art Jarvis, Jarvis Global Investments – a sponsor of 3’s For LIFE. 

They showed up at noon Wednesday and delivered the items collected during the basketball season campaign. It wasn’t their first delivery. Jarvis says there was already a delivery of more than 400 items during February. 

LHS students, Superintendent Mike Broadwater and 3’s for LIFE sponsor Art Jarvis delivered 2,000 + food items to LIFE Food Pantry March 2, 2022 (Provided)

As plans for the Wednesday delivery were being made, Jarvis sent out a message to thank everyone involved. He expressed gratitude for the 400-plus items already delivered during February. He did not know the final tally of goods to be delievered, but knew they had at least three cars filled with some 1,250 items. There was also several items they were to pick up at the schools. When they arrived at LIFE Food Pantry, the tally rose to more than 2,200 items. It was a “Wow” moment for everyone involved, from the students to the volunteers at LIFE Food Pantry receiving the delivery.  

Loveland Tiger Students wear bright smiles following delivery of canned food to LIFE Food Pantry Wednesday, March 2, 2022 (Provided)

“Thanks to all of you, and our community members, we made a substantial contribution to people who are food insecure,” Jarvis said. “Congratulations on a job well done! I hope that we can do this again and make it even better.” 

The effort and delivery make a huge impact on helping LIFE Food Pantry to serve the community of those in need. Yet, the need continues – especially throughout these winter months.

Here is a list of the LIFE needs for this week shared by Lisa Waddell on behalf of LIFE Food Pantry: 

  • Pork and beans/Baked beans
  • Bisquick/pancake mix
  • Canned beef stew
  • Canned carrots
  • Canned chili
  • Ensure
  • Juice
  • Manwich
  • Mayonnaise
  • Shelf stable individual milks
  • Pasta
  • Canned pineapple
  • ramen noodles
  • Refried beans
  • Rice-a-Roni
  • Salad dressing
  • Sugar-white
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Body wash

Thank you for your continued generous support of the Food Pantry.