Art League of Loveland event

features 7 galleries all around Loveland

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (June 21, 2022) – The Art League of  Loveland (ALL) is putting the focus on local artists throughout the Loveland community with their 2nd Annual Art Gallery Crawl Saturday, June 25, from 4-9 p.m.

Johanna Kremer is president of the newly formed non-profit Art League of Loveland with a mission to advocate for local artists. She is quick to point out the collaborative effort of many artists throughout the area to bring attention to the community of artists and artisans in Loveland. They began with a mission to fill the void where the former Loveland Arts Council once served to promote local arts and bring back the very popular Loveland Art Show. COVID put a sort of damper on that effort after a brief collaborative effort with help from Cee Cee Collins and the LMRCA, Otto Huber, the City of Loveland and Mayor Kathy Bailey in 2019. Coming out of the pandemic shut-downs, ALL held the inaugural Art Gallery Crawl a year ago in June 2021.

“Last year’s event was such a HUGE success! It brought local artists and art lovers together for a fun evening carousing through the town, attending Loveland’s many art galleries, and visiting artist Open Houses, said Kremer, who is also chair of the event. ” We’re excited to announce our 2nd annual Loveland Art Gallery Crawl! This year we focused on local artist participationand we were able to engage more than 80 Loveland artists! They include a diverse range of fine artisans, all creating amazing (even delicious) works for sale.”

Map of the Art Gallery Crawl (Provided)

The Art Crawl is held throughout Loveland. Featured galleries go from West Loveland, beginning at the Loveland Art Studios on Main, continue through Historic Downtown, and finish at the Whistle Stop Clay Works (WSCW) studio off Route 48. Kremer says end-to-end it is only about a mile and a half distance. Of course you don’t have to start at the Studios on Main and finish at WSCW, you can start at either end or anywhere along the “art district” route. All of Loveland’s primary art galleries, along with a majority of the artists, will be hosting Open Houses with light refreshments from 4-9 p.m. on Saturday.  

Shuttle & Information Tent map for Art Gallery Crawl Saturday, June 25, 2022 (Provided)

“A hop-on, hop-off “Art Buggy” shuttle will provide transportation along the mile-and-a-half stretch from one end of town to the other,” Kremer said. “This is a free cultural arts event for the entire family. Isn’t that the best part? It’s brought to you by the Art League of Loveland and the Art Crawl’s many generous sponsors. All are welcome.”

The many creative works of talented local artists will be on display for all to see. Artists will be on hand to tell you all about what they do, why they do it, and maybe even how they do it. 

The seven featured galleries on the gallery crawl include: Loveland Art Studios on Main, Nancy Ford Cones Gallery at the Loveland Museum Center, The Quilters Studio & QSL Workshop, Artist Deirdre Dyson’s Art House II Gallery, The Grail, Whistle Stop Clay Works and Gina Dubell-Smith’s Design2Sell Team, eXp Realty. 

Artist Deirdre Dyson outside her Art House II Gallery iduring the Art Gallery Crawl in 2021 (Provided)

Loveland Museum Center’s Jan Beller with the Nancy Ford Cones gallery of photo art in 2021 (Chuck Gibson File )


  • MISSION: The Art Crawl highlights the City’s vibrant art culture — and focuses on the extraordinary creative works by our many Loveland artists!
  • ABOUT: During this one-day art event, Loveland Art Galleries and Artists hold Open Houses from 4-9 PM and offer light appetizers and drinks, while also showcasing a featured artist or highlighting artwork for sale. Altogether, there are seven art galleries and dozens of artist studios within the city.
  • RAFFLES: To provide an extra element of fun for our art crawlers, most galleries provide individual raffles, and one large LAGC raffle prize ($250) will be offered to those crawlers who complete the entire art gallery circuit.
  • TRANSPORT: The LAGC “Art Buggy” Shuttle offers hop-on, hop-off transportation from one end of town to the other (about a mile-and-a-half circuit).
  • PARTICIPANTS: All Loveland artists who live and/or work within the Greater Loveland area are welcomed to participate. Many local businesses also support this event by featuring local artists’ works or through sponsorships.
  • ORIGIN: The first Loveland Art Gallery Crawl was initiated last year by a group of committed artists and art lovers. The success of that event led to the creation of the Art League of Loveland (ALL), a non-profit organization for artists and art lovers that is dedicated to ensuring all artists thrive in the Loveland community.
  • FREE to the public – NO ADMISSION CHARGED
  • ALL: The Art League of Loveland members are leading the Loveland Art Gallery Crawl for 2022.

NOTE: This event also introduces participants to Loveland’s rich art history. For example, in historic West Loveland there are two art galleries that feature internationally renowned artists:

Nancy Ford Cones (1869-1962), an award-winning pioneer in photography as an art medium.

William Schickel (1919-2009), a prolific liturgical artist and architect whose body of work includes paintings, sculptures, stained glass, and furniture design.        

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Banner announcing the upcoming 2nd Annual Art Gallery Crawl in Loveland, OH (Chuck Gibson)